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The Entrepreneurial Parent (EP) Site is a work-family resource for home office entrepreneurs, with over 400 pages of information, inspiration and community spirit for the growing segment of EPs who are committed to putting family first, career a close second (and housework a distant third!). Spread the word among your friends and don't forget to Bookmark this Site now!

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The EP Site features four areas of support:

 Info to Go!

Info to Go! is the publishing arm of EP, divided into the following subject categories:

Pro Help

Pro Help offers lifestyle and professional products and services to EPs.

About You

About You provides membership-based features with the goal of building a strong EP Community.

About Us

About Us is where you'll find all our web site "stuff":

The EP Site also has 6 basic subject categories of special interest to EPs:

Your Family

Your Family features articles and essays from parenting experts as well as everyday EPs, focusing on how to keep those home fires burning at the same time you're making money for all that firewood!

Your Career

Your Career features articles from career counselors and workplace experts across the nation, focusing on how working at home can fit into your long-term career goals.

Your Business

Your Business features articles from SOHO experts who offer a wide variety of advice, tools, exercises and insights to help you start, manage and grow your home business.

Your Profiles

Your Profiles is the heart and soul of the EP Site, profiling the lives and livelihoods of EPs around the world.

Your Resources

Your Resources offers further direction than the EP Site itself can contain! Visitors are urged to explore entrepreneurial and parenting resources beyond the EP Site!

Your Links

Your Links are a collection of over 100 useful entrepreneurial and parenting sites.

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