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EP Times -- A monthly column by Lisa Roberts on the "life & times" of being an "EP"

Sample: When an EP Takes Wing
They say there's no business like show business. That may be true, but there's also no business like parenting, like being a solo entrepreneur, and certainly there's nothing like combining the two as an Entrepreneurial Parent. Last week I saw the similarities of all three -- show business, parenting and entrepreneurship -- crystalize. And what a moment it was!

Essays by EP Contributors

Mother's Day Message -- A Letter to Mom
Jodie wrote this letter three weeks before her mother passed away. To Jodie's surprise, her brother read this letter at their mother's funeral. Afterwards, he said it reflected the feelings of an ever growing population of "overscheduled and misunderstood" relationships among people around the world.
by Jodie Lynn
The Lament of the Work-at-Home Man
Here we are, raising our kids, taking hold of our lives, and striving like the rest of our country's workers to earn a paycheck and make ends meet. It may not be glamorous.... but when my kids come home from school, or my wife returns from work, I'm there to greet them.
by Jeffrey D. Zbar
Startling True Confessions of a Single Mother
These are all things I probably wouldn't share with you in casual conversation, because to say them would be to complain...and everyone knows the first rule for single mothers is No Whining!
by Jay Ann Cox
Humor at Home
Listening to my children and sharing ideas and observations with them has helped their language development. It strengthens our relationship and creates wonderful memories.
by Grace Witwer Householder
Laboring at Home Has A Dual Meaning!
To the uneducated observer, I looked like another pathetically addicted e-mail junkie...but to reach that conclusion would be to miss the point entirely. I will always believe that subscribers to my newsletter were instrumental in saving my newborn's life.
by Azriela Jaffe

Family-Friendly Book Excerpts from How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof

Need Supplemental Child Care? You Have Options!
The image of Mom or Dad hip-hopping in and out of the office performing super entrepreneurial feats is fun to imagine, but don't take it too seriously. If you have young children underfoot, you need help!
Teaming Up with Your Spouse
Whether a home business slows your life down (if your career has been on the "fast track") or brings it up to speed (if your career's been on a break), it can serve as a peace pipe between partners.

Articles by EP Contributors

Working Overtime, Even at Home, Is Hard on Mom and Family
by Azriela Jaffe
Reframing the Debate about Working and Children
by Ellen Galinsky
Scheduling My Life
Taking a look back at this now I am so glad I decided to put myself on a schedule. Just because I am a work-at-home mom doesn't mean that my life needed to be such an unorganized mess! So I took control.
by Amanda Formaro
Just Because I'm Working from Home Doesn't Mean I'm Available
by Azriela Jaffe
Been There! Done That! Toilet Training Tips
by Lisa Julian
Confessions of a Workaholic Parent
by Azriela Jaffe
Top 10 Reasons Why It's GREAT to be a WAHM
by Julie Frost
The 5 Biggest Parenting Mistakes and How to Correct Them
by Phillip Mountrose
Should I Get a Job, or Continue to Work from Home with My Kids?
Leaving your business for a period of time may rejuvenate you, much as a separation in a marriage can reignite the love that was forgotten.
by Azriela Jaffe
by Jeffrey D. Zbar
Home Office - The Childcare Solution?
If you've been thinking about working at home to save yourself money on childcare, unless your children are school age, don't bother. If you've been considering working at home as a way of supervising your children's caregivers, then I highly recommend it.
by Judy Lederman
Practical Wisdom for Single Parents, Part 1: Raising Your Village
My point is simply that you have every opportunity you need to make your life and your family life richer and more satisfying, but you gotta work at it!
by Jay Ann Cox
Practical Wisdom for Single Parents, Part II: Raising Your Village
Raising your village is vital for your self-renewal as a human, to your continuing education as a parent, and to nurturing your children as they richly deserve. Demonstrate love and caring for the community that is lucky to have you, and extend the chain of love and goodwill beyond your family.
by Jay Ann Cox
Before Taking That Road...Stop, Look and Listen
"Enough is enough -- I'm out of here!" How many times have you felt like saying this to your mate? We all feel like handing our spouse walking papers from time to time. We ponder whether it would be easier without the day-in, day-out confrontation of a troubled marriage. Who needs it?
by Jodie Lynn
How to Role Model During Those Stressful Moments
Question: How is the best way for a parent to handle his/her own behavior with children at home during stressful situations? Answers...
by Jodie Lynn

The Joys and Concerns of Entreprenurial Parenting I contemplated starting a business for a number of years. The lure of extra money and the fulfillment of "working for pay" was tempting. Let's face it, being a mother-at-home is wonderful but the financial sacrifice slaps many of us in the face each time we sit down to pay the bills!
by Ann Allen

More Family-Friendly Work by Lisa Roberts


Testing the Waters (of Dual-Income Family Life)
Independence is an individual notion. Power comes strongest from the heart.


Top 10 Lifetime Improvements a Home Career Brings to Your Family
Role modeling is a priceless gift you offer your children when you become an EP.
When Mommy or Daddy has to Get to Work - At Home!
Finally, the doorbell has rung, the babysitter is here, and it's time to get down to business. But how do you get to work when your toddler knows you're just in the other room?
Balancing Business and Family
Balancing your business and your family is no easy feat - even if you do have total reign over your time and responsibilities. To keep on track, you need to map out a course that's grounded in real-life situations.
Cooking Tips for Work-at-Home Parents
Yes it's true that you have easy access to the kitchen... but you're still a working parent and don't have much time to cook! How do you make the most of your flexible schedule when it comes to mealtime?
Director of Business and Family Affairs
Every executive position is a juggling act -- and being "CEO" of your home career is no different! Use your managerial skills to take control of your work and family life.

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