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s parents today, we are all united in seeking a healthy, reliable home environment for our children to grow in. How lucky we are to be living in an age where this goal is finally being realized by so many. According to IDC/Link, a market research firm based in New York, there are presently 15 million work-at-home parents in the U.S. alone. These parents are finding out that they can merge traditional family values with progressive career goals to enjoy a lifestyle rich in both emotional and financial security.

The Technology/Information Age has ushered in a whole new era of work-family unity not seen since the Agricultural Age over a hundred years ago. As a new generation of parents, we certainly have our share of new workforce worries (with job insecurity topping the list), but we also have outstanding opportunities! By sharing information, experiences and resources through such a global connection as we have here, we can work together to realize the dream every parent, throughout history, has strived for.

Here at Your Family, we have articles contributed by parenting, child care and work-family experts, as well as essays written by a wide spectrum of everyday parents struggling with and conquering their work-family goals. You'll learn alternatives to those long days of paid child care, how to partner up with your spouse whether or not s/he is directly involved with your home career, and what it takes to keep those home fires burning at the same time you're making money for all that firewood!

We also encourage you to Discuss Amongst Yourselves the joys and challenges of the day, or ask questions about your family-related concerns. Enjoy your visit and come back soon to learn more, contribute to the discussion, or see who else has joined the Entrepreneurial Parenthood Community!

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