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Welcome to the The Entrepreneurial Parent (TM), a work-family resource for home office entrepreneurs and career professionals who are looking for alternative work options. We're here to support a parent's choice to work at home and are happy to provide the information, professional assistance and strong "Entrepreneurial Parent" community you'll need in your home career journey.
Here at The Entrepreneurial Parent you'll discover how to start, manage and grow your business, enjoy your children, flex your career, strengthen your marriage, and live, love, grow and prosper as an "EP"! We invite you to explore this site, ask questions, volunteer your talents, make use of our hand-selected products and services, subscribe to our FREE EPnews, and consider becoming an "EP."
Looking for a mentor? Ask the EP Experts for guidance and support. Wondering what it takes to become an "EP"? Ride the EP Wave. Looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business while also building a community of parents just like yourself? Join the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents, a new organization for family-focused professionals.
Finally, when you're ready for a work-family exercise, try holding a child on your lap while clicking through the EP Showcase. (OK, if it's naptime just close your eyes, click your heels three times and repeat, "There's no time like naptime, there's no time like naptime..." and then click away!)
Have fun and stay-tuned through EPnews for ongoing support on how to balance work and family under one roof, and how to make the most of the creative resources found here at The Entrepreneurial Parent!
Lisa Roberts,
Web Producer/Director

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