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EP Profile Application

 Welcome to the EP Profile Application!

Before you begin:

  • Unless you are a NAEP member, the cost to process and host your EP Profile in our EP Showcase is $25 per year (credit card info follows, or you can print this out and mail with check or money order to The Entrepreneurial Parent, POB 320722, Fairfield, CT 06432).
  • To see what the "end result" of your application might look like, visit the EP Showcase.
  • Have a question about what you're doing? Read the EP FAQs!
  • Please make sure to read the Submission Guidelines before or after you fill out the application.
Whenever you're ready, have some fun answering our EP questions!

Please Note: Unless starred (*), all questions are OPTIONAL! Just include what you'd like visitors to learn about you, your business and your EP life. Again, have fun with this!

Section I. Family First

1. *Your Name (as you would like it to appear on your Profile Page):

2. Your Children:

I have (# of) child(ren), ages to .

3. Your Spouse/Partner Info:



Work Option (full-time/part-time, self-employed/employee; small business/home business/corporate)

4. Fill in one of the following:

  • The funniest thing my kid said/did while I was working at home was:
  • What I love most about being a work-at-home parent is:
  • What I wish the most for my children is
  • 5. In 1-5 sentences, answer one of the following:

  • Describe what a typical work@home parenting day is like for you.
  • Comment on whether you feel that you have traded financial security for more time with your kids.
  • Describe the positive traits that are being handed down to your children through your home career.
  • Share some anecdotal memory of juggling working at home with children underfoot.
  • 6. If you had one piece of advice you'd like to share with work-at-home parents just starting out, what would it be?

    Section II. Career Second

    1. Education (list any degrees or certification):
    2. Brief employment history (1-3 sentences; include former job positions, # of years in certain industries, type of companies you worked for, etc.):
    3. Reason you started working at home (1-3 sentences):
    4. Years/months working@home:
    5. Hours per week you work:
    6. In 4-5 sentences, answer one of the following:
    • What is your greatest home career related achievement?
    • Describe, from a business or professional perspective, the moment you realized you had chosen the right home career for you.
    • What news have you heard recently that made you wheel your office chair backwards and scream, "YES!"?

    7. In 4-5 sentences, answer one of the following:

    • Describe your present business needs (i.e. more clients, larger projects, more time/money/support, etc.).
    • Describe your present professional needs (i.e. more contacts, further education, experience in a related field, etc.)
    • State your business and/or professional goals in the upcoming year.

    8. If you had one piece of advice you'd like to share with entrepreneurs just starting out, what would it be?

    Section III - Getting Down to Business

    • *Your Present Title (i.e., Accountant, Artist, Jewelry Maker, Journalist, Software Developer, Web Designer, etc. OR President, Founder, CEO, etc., OR Pampered Chef Consultant, Mary Kay Consultant, etc.):
    • *Business Name:
    • *Business Definition (a brief description of your business, sometimes referred to as your "tag line"); Home Career Definition (a 2-3 sentence statement of what you do at home); or Job Description (for telecommuters):
    • List the top (up to 10) products and/or services you offer.
    • Mission Statement (the goals of your business/home career in relation to the community at large; telecommuters & direct sale consultants list your parent company's mission statement):
    • Client Endorsement (your favorite testimonial given by one of your clients or customers):
    • Target Market
    • Name up to 10 clients (your most recent or reknown):
    • As a courtesy to visitors who visit your EP Profile Page, please offer a discount or special promotion on your product/service. Examples include 15% off a product, FREE information (tip sheet, newsletter issue, special report), a special add-on product or service with an order, etc. Your EP Discount will also help you collect names of "hot" prospects (people who have a special interest in what you have to offer):

    Section IV. General Contact Info & Miscellaneous:

    City, State, Zip:
    Email Address:
    Web Site Preferences:
    Your Web Site Address:
    Another URL that your name, products or services are reviewed/mentioned on:
    Favorite Business "Bookmark":
    Favorite Parenting "Bookmark":
    Most Useful Resource Found on the Web:
    Coolest URL:
    Favorite Search Engine (when you do research on the Internet, which search engine have you found most useful?):
    Web Site Search Words:

    List up to 10 keywords related to your business/home career that will help surfers find your page via search engines. These words must be rated "G" (family-friendly!) or they will not be listed.

    Hobby or Recreational Activity:
    When you're not working (as a parent or entrepreneur!), what do you gravitate towards?


    Favorite Quote:
    Something someone once said, or you once read, that made sense to you and sticks in your mind. Be sure to include the author, if you know.
    Congratulations, you're done! Your Profile Page will be up within 2 weeks after receipt of your postal package or confirmation of your credit card information. If you are paying by check or money order, skip the credit card information and press the Submit button below.

    Credit Card:VISA MasterCard American Express

    Expiration Date: Month: Year:

    Credit Card Number:

    Worried about sending your credit card number over the Internet? Just input all but the LAST SIX digits of your credit card number above. Then press the BACK button to return to this page after the confirmation message, and click here to send the remaining digits of your credit card number to finish processing your order. This security feature is designed to reduce the risk of credit card fraud for those of you who are concerned.

    Make sure everything above is correct and then press the Submit button.

    NOTE: Be sure to use your browser's BACK button to return to this page after confirmation message!

    Click here to finish entering the rest of your credit card number if you haven't done so yet.

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