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Roberts combines real-life experience with practical advice on what it takes to launch and nurture a business and family at the same time, in the same place. -- Darren Goldstone, Home Office Computing
A must read for every parent who has ever dreamed of doing the work they love AND being a great Mom or Dad! -- Wade F. Horn, President, National Fatherhood Initiative
Lisa, I have just finished your book and found it to be not only informative but very inspiring! Thank you for your encouraging words...when I read Chapter 2, I actually cried! -- Susan Erickson,Chicago, IL
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Featured in:
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Kiplinger's
  • L.A. Times
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • Newsday
  • Family PC: Feb. '99 issue! Click here to read "Home Office Harmony"
Featured on:
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  • Wall Street Journal's Work & Family Radio Show
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Table of Contents
The Entrepreneurial Parent
If you have been mulling over the at-home work option but are not quite sure which way to go, How to Raise a Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business is for you. With down-to-earth, practical advice and real-life stories, this book takes you through the entrepreneurial journey from a parent's perspective.
This 220+ page book arms you with:
  • Valuable insights and useful advice on launching and growing a home career side by side with a growing family.
  • Proven techniques that will expand your business throughout your local community and beyond.
  • Vital information on developing a flexible skillset that will serve you well in both the at-home workplace and the traditional office should you decide to return.
  • Creative ideas on developing a "family-friendly" workplace right in your own home!

This highly recommended book (see Reviews) draws on Roberts' personal experience as a mother of four and home business owner since 1988 (see Author Bio).

For parents looking to provide both a financially sound and emotionally secure home environment for their children, How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof is here to help!


  • Home Business Action Calendar
  • Family-Friendly Home Business Ideas
  • Sample Home Business Work Schedules
  • Nanny/Babysitter Job Description Sheet
  • Home Business Diary
  • Tips for Today
  • A Resource Guide

While most authors maintain a professional distance, Roberts invites the reader into her life, sprinkling solid information with stories that are sometimes poignant, often amusing, but always real. What makes this book stand out is Roberts' ability to go beyond the surface 'how-to' chatter about working from home to get at the profound experience of meshing work and family -- two critical parts of the same whole.

-- Sharron Kahn Luttrell, Publisher of at Home at Work

Table of Contents


Parenting Your Home Business
How does parenthood qualify me for entrepreneurship?

Section I -- In the Family Way

Chapter 1 -- Inside Home Business-You
How does a home business promote self-growth?
Chapter 2 -- Caring for the Children
How will a home business affect my children's development?
Chapter 3 -- Seesawing with Your Spouse
What impact will a home business have on my marriage?
Chapter 4 -- The Life and Times of a Home Business
How will a home business affect my home life?

Section 2 -- Getting Down to Business

Chapter 5 -- Putting It Together
What does it take to start a home business?
Chapter 6 -- The Challenge
What does it take to manage a home business?
Chapter 7 -- A Print Communications Home Career
What are a few family-friendly home-based business ideas?

Section 3 -- Rounding Out Your Home Business

Chapter 8 -- When Money Isn't the Matter
Does it pay to volunteer?
Chapter 9 -- Reaching Out
How social is a home business?
Chapter 10 -- Working in the "Real" World
Will a home business propel or derail my lifetime career?



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