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"I love you all :-) I love the newsletters. I keep forwarding them to other parents who want to become EPs. Keep up the awesome work!"

Lara J. Fabans, Lodestone Software, Inc.

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 The Entrepreneurial Parent (tm) is a community and career resource for parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms. We're here to address the needs of EPs on both the business and parenting front — from colleague camaraderie to professional career counseling, from quick-tip articles to inspirational profiles. Whether you're presently working outside the home, are raising your children full-time, or already are an EP, you have just found the information, encouragement, professional assistance and strong "Entrepreneurial Parent" community you've been looking for. Welcome!

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The National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents is dedicated to parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms. The Association supports and enables parents to have independent and viable careers in the SOHO (small office/home office) workforce, serves as a vehicle for connecting local entrepreneurial parents, and embraces the freedom to pursue personal and professional goals creatively.

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