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So you've heard all about working parents who juggle it all from one post -- the homestead. You know millions are using today's affordable, portable, powerful technology to succeed in a home career and that it's now a viable work option available to you as well. Plus you believe that you, your spouse and your children can adapt to this lifestyle, perhaps even flourish to heights unimaginable yet...

So, the question of the day may be:

Where Do I Begin??

Now here's a question that has lots of answers! Today support for the entrepreneur abound -- whether it's in the form of information, associations, products or services. As more and more workers join the ranks of the self-employed, resources have risen to meet the demand. (Boy, have they risen!) The evidence is all around you, from the small business superstores and service shops popping up in your local shopping parks, to the now familiar site of work-at-home professionals covering the media, to the onslaught of highly-targeted periodical advertisements that follow the purchase of your new home computer.

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, guides in many guises will surface to help you. Many of these guides will be aggressive in nature (the "hard sell" approach), while others will be like gentle escorts that will nudge you in the right direction. Turn your head and there will be:

  • A specialist at a government agency.
  • A relevant course at your local community college.
  • A book reflecting considerable research or experience.
  • An association filled with members in your field.
  • An online community of parents in your profession.
  • An audio tape that speaks directly to your ambition.
  • A friend or neighbor embarking on a parallel journey.

There is no one answer to the question of how to become an entrepreneur. Depending on your network of associates as well as your particular learning, spending and working habits, you will approach this endeavor in your own manner, at your own pace.

But since you do have to begin somewhere, we've collected some resources that will help you get started. Just remember, be encouraged -- not overwhelmed -- by the wealth of information out there today. You are not alone!

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