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If you're an EP and proud of it ;-), why not display our logo on your site and help us build the EP Community! We'd love for you to help us spread the word and have provided a variety of graphics and suggested text for your site or publication.

Once your EP graphic is in place on your home page, make sure to let us know you're an "Entrepreneurial Parent" and we'll provide a free link back to your site.



To electronically capture and download the EP graphics below to your hard drive, right-click (PC), or hold down the mouse button (Mac) and select "Save Image As". Simply place our logo on your Web site and your server and link it to http://en-parent.com.

EP Suggested Site Description

If your links page includes site descriptions, feel free to review EP on your own, or use our suggested text (in whole or in part). Just copy and paste.

Entrepreneurial Parent (EP)
EP is an interactive online community of parents on the home career track. Features include expert Q&As, articles, forums, member profiles, newsletter, resource centers and more, covering topics from home office design to work-family transitions to low-cost marketing to childcare. Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned EP, you're not alone anymore!

EP Suggested Sig File Add-on

No web page? Add the following to your email signature:

I'm an Entrepreneurial Parent!

Thank you for your interest and your support!
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