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Have a question? Scroll down this page to meet each of our EP on their names to read more about their background, sample their expertise, and discover their professional specialties serving the EP Community. Your question may already have been answered!

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Welcome to Ask the EP Experts, where for two years the early members of the EP Community have had access to an assembly of parenting, career and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) specialists.

From making the lifestyle transition when first bringing your career home, to building your business using leading edge technology, to balancing time spent in your home office with time spent in all the other rooms of your house (!), our EP Experts have been here to mentor and guide you. Many thanks to all our highly professional volunteers for providing this invaluable service to the EP Community.

Now that our EP Expert Q&As have been built up, we are temporarily suspending any more incoming questions. Instead, we highly suggest that you join our EP Listserv (an email discussion group) to share your problems and solutions with fellow EPs -- one of the savviest group of parents on the Web!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We want to know what you think. Write to us.

Your Family
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Your Family

Jodie Lynn is our Parenting Expert. If you have any questions about everyday parenting challenges, Jodie is the one to ask. Her latest book, Mommy CEO (Constantly Evaluating Others), 5 Golden Rules reflects her belief that all moms deserve the title of CEO, and her Parent-to-Parent column reaches and brings together thousands of parents across the country every week. Who knows, ask Jodie a parenting question and maybe you'll find the answer in her nationally syndicated newspaper column! EP Q&As available here.

Jeff Zbar is our "WAHD" Expert. If you need to connect with a fellow Work-At-Home Dad, Jeff knows where you're coming from. As a columnist and SOHO! feature writer for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, the author of Home Office Know-How and the founder of the Goin SOHO web site, Jeff covers a wide range of topics, including alternative officing, marketing issues, and the psychological aspects of working at home. Jeff's enjoyed a successful home-based career for the past decade, so drop him a question when you have one! EP Q&As available here.

Azriela Jaffe is our Relationship Expert. If you have any questions about marital or partnership issues, Az is the one to ask. Her Advice from A-Z column covers just what it says it does, and her relationship-based books and seminars all feature pertinent information and exercises. So when you have an issue with your dh (dear husband) or dw (dear wife) or any "significant other," stop by and share your concern! Does your family's respect for your business correspond directly to how much money your work pulls in? EP Q&As available here.

Grace Housholder is our Humor Expert. When EP Life gets too complicated or starts feeling like too much of a burden, Grace is the one to turn to. Her 3 books (Vols. 1-3) entitled The Funny Things Kids Say, like her weekly column of the same title, really can brighten every day! During those rough moments, let Grace help you make a quick shift in attitude so you can appreciate your kids as the miraculous fireflies of your life they naturally are! EP Q&As available here.

Joe Spataro is our Homeschooling Expert. If you are a homeschooler or are interested in the homeschooling option, Joe is the one to ask. His Homeschool Zone is a comprehensive web site and gathering spot for homeschoolers aroung the world. If you're looking to join this growing, family-friendly lifestyle trend, Joe can help you on your way. EP Q&As available here.

Judy Lederman is our Childcare Expert. If you have a question about childcare issues, Judy is the one to ask. Her book, Searching for Mary Poppins which has been featured on Oprah is a real-life account of the trials and tribulations of finding quality childcare as a full-time, out-of-the-home working mom. She is dedicated to sharing with others her hard-earned lessons, so ask away! EP Q&As available here.

Jay Ann Cox is our Single Parent Expert. If you are a single parent who is also determined to become an Entrepreneurial Parent, Jay can help lead the way. She works at home successfully as a writer, family/business coach and community organizer with her 2.5 year old son by her side. If you are looking to build a new life on your own terms but need some guidance, turn to Jay Ann who has "been there, done that" and is happy to help! EP Q&As available here.

Your Career

Paul and Sarah Edwards are our Home Career Selection Experts. If you are drawing a blank as to what type of home business to start, or how to transfer your present skillset to a home career, Paul and Sarah are the ones to ask. Through their books, seminars, radio/TV shows and newspaper/magazine columns, Paul and Sarah Edwards have helped thousands start and succeed at their work-at-home careers. The Edwards are ready whenever you are to help you find your "perfect work"!

Gil Gordon is our Telecommuting Expert. If you have questions about getting your telecommuting program started, or convincing your manager to let you work at home, Gil is the one to ask. Gil Gordon Associates specializes in helping private- and public-sector firms establish successful telecommuting programs, and his web site is an extensive telecommuting information resource. When your employer is ready to develop a telecommuting program, Gil is the one to help you both get started on the right track. EP Q&As available here.

Nancy Collamer is our Part-Time Career Expert. If you have a question about finding a part-time job whether as a self-employed consultant or business owner, or as an employee Nancy is the one to ask. Her Collamer Career Consulting firm specializes in counseling stay-at-home moms who are re-entering the workforce and full-time working moms looking to start their own business or work on a part-time basis. She's here to help whenever you are ready to make the next move onward. EP Q&As available here.

Pat Katepoo is our Work-Family Transitions Expert. If you have a question about strategizing your transition from an outside job to a career at home, Pat is the one to ask. You may want to "downshift" to a shorter work week at your current job or streamline your lifestyle to free up time for your at-home career. Pat can help. Her consulting service, Work Options Inc., her web site and her popular workbook-on-disk, Flex Success: A Proposal Blueprint for Getting a Family-Friendly Work Schedule, are proven, practical resources for professionals who want more time with their family. EP Q&As available here.


Your Business

Terri Lonier has been our Business Start-Up Expert for 2 years, and has contributed her friendly, down-to-earth advice for many an EP in the making. Her award-winning and highly-acclaimed Working Solo product line has helped thousands of independent entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. When you're ready to start your first business, turn to Terri's EP Q&As to make sure you're set up for success, available right here.

Jan Zobel is our Recordkeeping/Tax Expert. If you are feeling clueless as to how to keep track of your business records, or are worried about what the IRS is going to think of them, Jan Zobel is here to help. Her book, Minding Her Own Business: the Self-Employed Woman's Guide to Taxes and Recordkeeping is a useful resource for both men and women. When you no longer want to put your business at risk of an audit, count on Jan for sound advice. EP Q&As available here.

Marilyn Zelinsky is our Home Office Design Expert. If your home office set-up feels out of control, or you don't even know where to start, Marilyn is the one to ask. Her book, Practical Home Office Solutions, features real-life home office design problems and solutions garnered from interviews with work-at-home professionals across the country. When you've had enough of struggling with an uncomfortable home office, count on Marilyn to help you wiggle your way out! EP Q&As available here.

Silvana Clark is our Low-Cost Marketing Expert. If you're on a tight budget and need to market your home business, Silvana is the one to ask. Her popular seminar, Marketing With a Big Imagination and a Small Budget, and her slim, handy book, Taming the Marketing Jungle, features creative and inexpensive ways to get noticed and be remembered. When your imagination hits a dry spell, turn to Silvana to get your marketing campaign back on a roll. EP Q&As available here.

Joe Vitale is our Internet Marketing Expert. If you're having trouble marketing your Web site on or offline, Joe is the one to ask. His book, CyberWriting: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (Without Being Flamed), along with his extensive experience as a sought-after copywriter of traditional print materials, has earned him the nickname "Mr. Fire!" When you need to sell through copy, whether online or off, Joe can make sure your words pull through. EP Q&As available here.
 Peter Kent Peter Kent has been our Web Site Development Expert for two years. Peter's book, Poor Richard's Web Site, is the first to explain how to set up a web site, from start to finish, and his own popular web site and e-mail newsletter provide a wealth of free information to anyone who wants to learn how to set up a low-cost Web site that really works. Peter's EP Q&As are available here.

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