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NAEP Membership Benefits

NAEP Mission Statement

The National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents is dedicated to parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms. The Association supports and enables parents to have independent and viable careers in the SOHO (small office/home office) workforce, serves as a vehicle for connecting local entrepreneurial parents, and embraces the freedom to pursue personal and professional goals creatively.
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Membership Dues: One year - $45 Two years - $60
The moment your NAEP Membership Application is accepted and processed, you will be sent a hefty New Member Packet with the following and more:

 NAEP Membership Benefits

Stand Alone Value:
A booth in the EP Gift Shop our e-catalogue designed to highlight those EP's who create and sell original and unique products, crafts, jewelry or artwork. If your home business features specialty items that can't be found anywhere else, you'll want to make sure your products are featured in the "Mom and Pop Gift Shop for the New Millennium!"

An EP Member Profile. Your NAEP Membership entitles you to an EP Member Profile (your own Web page and URL) at the EP Showcase which will serve as a vital advertising, networking and public relations tool for your home career. (To learn more about the EP Profiles, click here.)


Choice of:

Anything at the EP Member Store, including:

  • The book, How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business, to help you select, launch and grow your home business while keeping your work-family balance in check;
  • 2) An EP Tote Bag so you can carry your home career books and documents to your most family-friendly clients; OR
  • 3) An EP T-Shirt (either for parent or child) to serve as a conversation piece as you and your family go about your daily errands. (Can work better than a business card!)

NAEP Chapter Guidelines to start your own local support group of EPs.

Your call...
Your own laminated NAEP Membership Card.

Your call...
A Certificate of NAEP Membership (suitable for framing in your home office!).

Your call!

Want More NAEP Benefits? You Got It!


Additional NAEP Membership Benefits

 Stand Alone Value:
NAEP's Annual Membership Directory serves as a vital referral tool listing the contact information for all members (including yours in the next printing!). Use it to build contacts and contracts, to consider cross-promotional marketing opportunities and to explore home careers relevant to your skillset.

More than an information and networking resource, NAEP offers a window of opportunity for professional growth and recognition. NAEP is your organization, and through active participation in Association activities you can help shape policy that affects your career. The Association offers ample mentorship and leadership opportunities and is well positioned to flourish over the years through your direct involvement and dedication to our cause. When you receive your New Member Packet, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for any of the following Committees to sharpen your leadership skills and/or make a vital contribution to NAEP.
  • Membership Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Web Site Development Committee
  • Special Interest Group Committee
  • Work Ethics Guidelines Committee


You tell us! 
With your NAEP Membership you'll have access to our Members-only Listerv, a discussion group that's there for you to share your thoughts, problems, solutions and professional background with fellow home-based professionals on a daily basis.

NAEP Membership also includes the standard benefits of joining the EP Community, such as:

  • A listing on our online EP Membership List.
  • A subscription to the electronic version of EPnews.
  • Access to occasional media opportunities profiling Entrepreneurial Parents.
Total Value of NAEP Membership:
$80/1st year


Total Cost of NAEP Membership for our
first 500 Members
(our NAEP Charter Members):
$45 for 1st year
$60 for Two (2) years!
NOTE: Annual NAEP Renewal Rate =
Just $25!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
To join the
National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents
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