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While it's fun to receive awards and reviews for The Entrepreneurial Parent, there is no greater inspiration than a simple "Thank You" from a fellow EP. Here we share our collection of "Thank You's" to thank you for your interest and support!

This is what keeps us going - the wish that the wave of Entrepreneurial Parenthood flows through your home and your family with more of an invigorating warmth than a torrent of anxiety - and the hope that when the latter takes you under, our site will help you catch your breath!

Please let us know how else we can help you...

I just had to write to say "thank you" a thousand times for your web site. I am pregnant with my second child and it has long been a secret desire of mine to stay home and raise my children myself. Your web site has given me the inspiration to do some research and really make an effort to develop a business that I can do from home. I am ordering your book today. Thanks again, and I wish you and your family continued success and happiness and countless blessings!

-- Evelyn

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for creating this site. I was beginning to feel a little depressed with my decision to stay at home and be with my daughter while running my small advertising specialty company. Particularly, during those moments when I did not receive a job or win a bid. I have from time to time considered returning to the traditional workforce understanding clearly that I would be violating every bit of my spiritual nature if I did so. I am glad that EP was there to give me the pick-me-up that I needed. (It's only been a year since I've made this decision but when you're used to working outside of the home it can be a bit of an adjustment as you already know.)

I would like to thank you by offering my marketing, communications, public relations and writing skills anytime you might need assistance. I want to be a part of the community you are trying to build and strengthen! (Note from EP: read Saba's essay contribution!)

 -- Saba

Thanks for a great web site. It addresses many of my concerns as a parent in a visually interesting way. You have provided a great resource for those of us who wish to be parents to their children and successes in the business world, mostly in that order ;-)

-- John Hampton, Programmer

What a great site! I don't think that there is anything exactly like it. Thanks for the most applicable info!

-- Michelle

Thanks for the hard work. Your web site is incredible. As a work-at-home father for the past 2 years, specializing in Internet solutions for small to medium sized businesses, I must say your site is well thought out and navigates easily, quickly and logically. The information is of the highest quality, which shows your expertise in this area to be excellent. It is bookmarked and I have already shared the site with others!

--  J.M.

I just found your site and am eager to explore! We have a home-based business (for the past 18 years) and believe it is the best option for families. Please add us to your newsletter! Thanks!

 -- D.L.

Thank you for this wonderful uplifting and supportive web site!

 -- S.R.

I just read your essay, Testing the Waters, and can't wait to read your book. I am a performance improvement consultant/instructional designer/facilittaor, partnering with corporate clients to improve employee performance in the workplace. I've been working as a home-based business for the last seven years and have found it to be just wonderful and rewarding. However, our daughter was born 10 months ago and I have been wrestling with so many of the feelings that you described in your essay since she arrived. Many times I have said, "Oh it would just be easier to go out and work for someone else and come home to my family at night." And then I realize that is not really where I want to be. I have nurtured my home-based business over the years in preparation for this wonderful time in my life being a parent, but it sure is hard work trying to maintain balance. As I said, I can't wait to read your book and learn your secrets. Thanks again!

 -- L.C.

I am 27 years old working as a television/radio news anchor in N.Y.C. I worked so hard to get where I am I should be content, but I am just the opposite. I have been putting off having children to get further in my career and I now realize the only thing I have been doing is sacrificing. The reality is that I can never have the best of both worlds while in this profession. I was thrilled to come upon your information in my search for the solution to the family/career crisis. I have a great deal of respect for you and all you have accomplished. Thank you!

 -- Deb

Hi! I just found your site! It's great! I work for Missouri Women's Council in Jefferson City, MO. I never realized it until I found your site, that I really don't have any information specifically for women with children and the challenges they have. I'd like to include one of your articles for our newsletter about women entrepreneurs to assist the women of Missouri. I have bookmarked your site for future use. Thanks!

 -- Sammie Kirchner

I'm thoroughly enjoying your site. As an author, speaker and owner of a small, 30-person company in Sausalito, CA, seeing your site was an inspiration and resource.

 -- K.A.

Your site is very informative and timely. Keep up the good work!

 -- A.J.

Well, well, well, you sure seem inspiring. Thank you so much for the information that you have provided - I will look for your book, and continue searching the Internet for more information on you and for more legitimate sources and ideas.

 -- Linda in Colorado

I'm a Producer for Ivanhoe Broadcast News down in Orlando. I have been "surfing" the web for women's organizations and resources. I just came across your site and think it's great. Full of valuable information for women who want to stay home with their kids, but still hold a job.

 -- Marianne Mancusi, Smart Women Program Producer

I have enjoyed your site for many months. Thank you for your valuable contribution. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

 -- H.P.

A quick word from someone who appreciated the information relative to your resume, factors to consider for home business and motherhood, and suggestions for seeking out more information on the topic. Thanks.

 -- G.V. (3 months pregnant and due with first in May!)


Thank YOU for your interest and support!

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