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deB Sechrist is the mother of a teenager and 2 preschoolers and a self-taught entrepreneur interested in helping parents find ways to make a living while raising their own children. She has been an "Entrepreneurial Parent" for the past 4 years.

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Deb's former life was as a retail executive, but the long hours and unusual schedule made juggling work and family difficult. When child #3 was born, it became obvious that a change of lifestyle was in order. Deb decided to take the plunge into web designing and has found that the technological advantages of computers and the internet have made working from home a much more viable alternative for many of us. Deb's current projects include:
  • Wise Women of the Web -- a gathering of women on the web from all walks of life, sharing what is important to them with our global community. One o the most popular features of the site is the Wise Women Tips for Working at Home, a list of unusual and diverse ideas for home businesses.
  • The Entrepreneurial Parent -- a work-family web site for home-based entrepreneurs; a partnership with fellow work@home mom, Lisa Roberts (1997-July 2000).
  • deBweB -- a web design and consulting service geared especially towards Entrepreneurial Parents, with affordable rates, original artwork and seasoned, sensible advice.
  • deBORah Publications -- a desktop publishing service specializing in home business media kits, graphics, logos, photo retouch, greeting cards, photo albums and announcements.
  • What's It Worth? -- a monthly column featured in EPnews about ways to save money with your home and business expenses.NOTE: deB is NOT a financial or investments advisor.
  • Purple Ribbon Awareness Campaign -- a support nework for abuse survivors to share their stories and, through awareness, help stop domestic abuse.

"Open your mind to the possibilities" says deB. "If the desire is in your heart, you can make it happen."

As author of Wise Women of the Web, and the web designer of The Entrepreneurial Parent, deB is helping parents all over the world find ways to build their home careers and encouraging self-expression thru the Internet. She presently lives with her husband and children in Houston, Texas. You can reach her by e-mail at [email protected].

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