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Mona Currey, Aegie Internet Technologies
Jane Morton, Whimsical Notes
Craig Campana, BNI-Wisconsin, Inc.
Sara Lewis,
Team Shaggie,
Laura Holgate, The ORDER of Things
Stephanie Conrad, Conrad Concepts
JoAnne Piper, Kiddie Korral Rodeo
Jim Wiederhold, Wiederhold & Associates
Karen Murray, Hearthside Enterprises
Debbie Gioquindo, Personal Touch Travel
Saba Kennedy-Washington, Jesa Promotions
Sue Piller, Senior Care Solutions
Sherry Turney, Gigs Entertainment Agency
Jeralynn Burke and Linda Faust, E-Scent-ials
Silvana Clark, Memory Makers
Grace Housholder, The Funny Kids Project
Jodie Lynn, Parent to Parent
Lisa Roberts, Author and EP Founder
Cheryl Sandberg, Sandberg Business Development
Ann Allen, Wearable Mamas
Azriela Jaffe, Anchored Dreams
Arlene Jacobs, Freelance Writer
Debbie Williams, Let's Get it Together
Jeff Zbar, Author and Speaker
Michael Borgia, CPA
Nancy Collamer, Collamer Career Consulting
Jay Ann Cox, Sarabi Consulting
deB Sechrist, CyberCrone
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