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"What I want the most for my son is for him to see me as a model of self-determination, passion, self-love, and achievement, while still being his loving, considerate mother. That's probably the best gifts I can give him."

Jay Ann Cox, AZ

Jay Ann's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Jay Ann Cox
  • Mom to 1 child, age 4
Contact Info:
Jay Ann Cox
Sarabi Consulting
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Founder
  • Consultant
Previous Career:
  • 1 year Internet web information provider.
  • 1 year publishing company.
  • 10 years university teaching.
  • 8 years freelance writing and computer consultant.
  • 4+ years and counting as a parent!
Degree: Ph.D. 1993, Cultural Studies
Work Hours/Week: HA! 5 to 60, depending on my jr. partner!
Years Working@Home: 6 years, minus 9 months WOH
Profile Date: 5/98
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: Sarabi Consulting, "Excellence by Design" -- specializing in facilitating personal and professional change by design through coaching, consulting, research, workshops and retreat planning. All services available online, by phone, or on-site for corporate clients.
  • To provide clients with the tools to redesign their lives to improve family, business and personal satisfaction.
  • To assist and support attachment parents in business as well as those who work outside the home and want to make a pro-family change.
  • To provide a role model of high business standards and family commitment to my son, my family, my community and the business world at large.
  • To design my own life as the best "sample" of my work.
Mission Accomplished:
  • "You are an incredible woman and I'm glad you found it in your heart to reach out to others." (-- mom just starting a home biz)
  • "Jay, you're a one-in-a-million gem. [You have] encouraged me, helped me, connected me with some wonderful people, personally and professionally." (-- entrepreneur turning a hobby into a thriving business)
Top Products/Services:
  • Coaching for business, family, and life design and improvement. A coaching relationship is long-term, individualized and structured to suit your evolving needs to a T.
  • Web Site Wellness -- consultation on your web site's key messages, communication strategies and technical wellness.
  • Workshops (offline) and reading groups (online) for short-term personal and business growth.
  • Consumer behavior research and analysis for corporate clients.
  • AP-BIZ -- a community of support for attachment parents in business (home and small biz). A listserv, a web ring, and an online directory.
Primary Market: Anyone who wants to make a lasting change -- whether business, family or personal.
Recent Clients: Confidential -- please contact for kudos from satisfied clients!
Home Career Defining Moment: I landed a really nice contract with a national company, just by networking on an email list of SAH moms. My months of "dallying" in a support group gained me the affection and credibility with the wife of my client. She mentioned me to him. I was committed to my son, and also prepared to submit a bid that got results. My convictions got me noticed!
Home Career Goal: I'm branching out into a new area: I need more/new clients, a nanny/home business intern, a larger office/spare bedroom, and increased cash flow so I can pay for my certification in the new field.

EP Discount

Mention the EP Profiles and you'll receive an EP Discount on your first session of coaching. Just send a message to Jay at [email protected] with the subject heading "EP Profiles" and your preferred contact info, and I'll be in touch soon! Also:
Join the AP-BIZ listserv and webring free of charge, and take advantage of the many AP-BIZ discounts available from retailers and service providers alike.

A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force: In brief, I got fired. In order to turn that into a success, I had to face all the risks and the rewards of working at home. Otherwise, I might have made some really bad parenting decisions, taken menial work, suffered a huge loss of self-esteem. Besides, I am perfect for working at home, and just had to face it!
EP Musings:
Financial security is not just the bottom line. When I had a "terrific" opportunity with a multi-national corporation including great benefits, I was miserable. No amount of money would change that. After my son was born, I again landed a choice plum with a leading edge company. I was perfect for the job, in theory. The corporate culture again made me miserable, esp. now that I grieved every day on my commute away from my infant son and into the office. Financial security for me now is about providing the environment for our mutual optimal development -- as a family, as individuals, and as a family business.
EP Advice:
Be gentle with yourself during the transition; find your power by reading everything you can, seeking support from mentors, and keeping communication open with your loved ones.

More & Misc.

Favorite Pastime: Knitting, biking, anything a 2 year old tolerates.
Favorite Business Link:
Favorite Parenting Link: The Radical Mother
Favorite Resource Link:
Favorite Cool Link:
Favorite Search Engine: Infoseek
Keywords: business coaching, coaching, personal growth, personal change, life design, improvement, research, consumer behavior, consulting, excellence
Favorite Quotes:
"Practice breathing. Cooperate with reality."

-- (Anonymous)

"It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing. Acts of love are acts of peace."

-- Mother Teresa

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