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"Some of the globe-trotting glamour of my previous entertainment career may be missing, but quality time with my son (and newest addition in October), my own schedule, the freedom to create something without corporate heavy-handedness and laughing lunches with my husband, have more than made up for those illusory benefits."

Sara Lewis, Pasadena, CA

Sara Lewis's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Sara Lewis
  • Mom to 1 child, age 4
  • Spouse & Business Partner to Victor Goodman, an "Internet Wizard"
Contact Info:
Sara Lewis
47 E. Walnut Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: (323) 667-1955
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Site Director
Previous Career:
  • Over 14 years in the entertainment industry, including as V.P.-Hallmark Ent.; V.P.-Republic/Spelling Ent.
  • Kindergarten Teacher-Children's Hospital, LA
  • Subsitute Teacher-Los Angeles Unified School District
Work Hours/Week: 40+
Years Working@Home: almost 1 year
Profile Date: 9/00
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: is the definitive, all inclusive search engine for information about adoption, child development, health, community, parenting, learning activities, pregnancy, birth and the wide range of issues related to children seven years and under.
Primary Market: Parents of young children and would-be parents.
Mission Statement: To be the information source for parents, would-be parents or anybody interested in infants, toddlers and young children.
Home Career Goals: To have KinderStart become the most comprehensive and extremely useful information resource on the Internet for anyone interested in raising young children. Additionally, to bring hard to find resources (e.g. special needs information) to those who aren't especially skilled at searching the Internet.

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A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force:
Wouldn't it be great to find a search engine that focused on child-related issues and nothing else? That's why was percolating in my mind when (A), I found out I was pregnant with my second child, and (B) I started thinking about what I could do careerwise that might combine my business, teaching, and parenting skills while keeping me at home.
EP Musings:
Incredibly, an old friend of mine, Victor Goodman, who had successfully developed another search engine, had been having similar thoughts. After sweating out a round or two of financing arrangements, our work began in earnest. I was given free reign to start designing a user-friendly, inclusive index/search engine about young children. The technology, which I had previously viewed with skepticism, has enabled me to work at home and with staff people from coast to coast. On a personal note, the first time my sister asked me for advice about her sick child and I could tell her to go look it up at KinderStart...I thought I might be on to something.

More & Misc.

Hobbies: Reading, music, sports, watching the Mets!
Favorite Quote:
To paraphrase from a Langston Hughes poem:
Hold fast to dreams for if they die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly -
Hold fast to dreams for if they go, life is like a barren field all covered with snow -
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