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"I was unable to reach the phone, and my daughter Jesa (whom my company is named after) answered it for me, saying 'You've reached Jesa at Jesa Promotions.' I must say that was my best sales call yet! "

Saba Kennedy-Washington, Charlotte, NC

Saba's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Saba Kennedy-Washington
  • Mother to 1 child, age 4
  • Partner to Jerome Washington, a Sales/Marketing Manager
Contact Info:
Saba Kennedy-Washington
Jesa Promotions
839 Scaleybark Rd.-2T
Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone: 704-676-0847
Fax: 704-525-7805
EP Title(s):
  • Owner, Jesa Promotions
  • Discovery Toys, E.C.
Previous Career:
  • 10 years in Marketing & Promotions for companies such as Prudential Securities, March of Dimes, and the City of New York (Safe Streets, Safe City Lottery Program benefitting NYC Public Schools)
  • B.A. Communications/Media Arts, Queens College City University of New York
Work Hours/Week: 20-25
Years : 2 years
Profile Date: 10/99
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: Jesa Promotions, a full-service advertising specialty, marketing & promotions company: specializing in embroidery and screen-printing of the corporate logo onto promotional wear, also offering writing services for press releases, catalogs, product releases and articles.
Mission: I would like to see my business grow to support my child financially, emotionally and spiritually. I look at my business as something intricately tied into the quality of life I foresee for my family. My husband is a co-owner and I decided to name it after my daughter Jesa which is a combination of my husband Jerome's name and my name, Saba.
Mission Accomplished: "The shirts look great, and they arrived on time as usual!" -- a satisfied customer.
Top Clients:
  • Reebok
  • Black Enterprise
  • The New York Carib News
  • PC Magazine
Primary Market: Mid-to-large corporations, small businesses, any organization with need for my services.
Home Career Defining Moment: My greatest home career related achievement has been my ability to persuade large companies like my clients to trust me to be a part of their major marketing events. When I can provide them with promotional items or services on time and professionally done, I am excited!
Home Career Goal: I would like to take on larger projects, expand my client base and generate consistent jobs and income. I would definitely like to expand my circle of business so that I can eventually turn my business into something that I can leave for my children.

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A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force:
I want to have more control of my life and time. I want to be able to design my own financial destiny and challenge myself. I want to decide when I want to be with my family.
EP Musings:
Working at home allows my daughter to see me as a self-sufficient and strong woman. I want her to grow up secure in herself and her own potential. I do not want her to be dependent on anyone or any one source. I believe that seeing me work will provide her this blue-print for living. It is also important that she understands that "whatever one dreams, he or she can achieve."
EP Advice:
Stay focused and believe in your vision. Associate daily with positive people who share your dream of living on your own terms.
Also: remain persistent, frugal, consistent and hold on to your faith.
EP Essay:
"My vow: 'Never again would I ever allow myself to be in such a predicament.' No one would ever put me in the position to choose between my work or my family."
Read Saba's moving essay on becoming an EP at

More & Misc.

Favorite Pastime: Cooking, finding off-the-beat restaurants and places
Favorite Business Link:
Favorite Parenting Link:
Favorite Resource Link:
Keywords: marketing, promotions, entrepreneur, parent
Favorite Quote:
"Be careful what you ask for: you will get it!"
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