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"What I love most about being a work-at-home parent is the opportunity to be there for the kids as they blossom. What I wish the most for my children is success, and to have a good head on their shoulders."

Jeff Zbar, Coral Springs, FL

Jeff's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Jeff Zbar
  • Dad to 3 children, ages 1 - 7
  • Partner to Robbie, Labor & Delivery Nurse
Contact Info:
Jeff Zbar
P. O. Box 8263
Coral Springs, FL 33075
Phone: (954) 346-4393
Fax: (954) 346-0251
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Journalist, Author, Speaker & Consultant
Previous Career:
  • After two years at one journalism job, I quit to go full-time freelance, and haven't looked back since
  • BS in journalism, University of Florida, 1986
Work Hours/Week: around 35 hours per week.
Years Working@Home: 10 years in Feburary 1999.
Profile Date: 12/98
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: Goin' SOHO!, a SOHO think-tank, consultancy and evangelist (not in a religious sense)
Mission: To be professionally successful with satisfied clients, to raise happy, well adjusted kids, and to have fun in the process -- all while helping others to do the same.
Top Services:
  • Information, ideas and inspiration for the current or prospective SOHO entrepreneur or teleworker.
  • Advertising Age Magazine
  • Computerworld Magazine
  • Home Office Computing
  • Small Business Computing & Communications
  • Entrepreneur's Home Office
  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • PRWeekUS
Home Career Defining Moment: There was no "moment," but at some point my income surpassed that of my career journalism counterparts, maybe around 1991, and that's when I knew I was in this for the long haul.
Home Career Greatest Achievement: Writing Home Office Know-How, and establishing myself as a home office expert. That, or being able to raise kids (which is a career, isn't it?)
Home Career Present Needs: MORE TIME, MORE TIME, MORE TIME!!!
Home Career Goals: Write another book, get more business, speak more on the home office experience.

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A Voice of Experience

EP Beginnings:
I knew I could make more money and be professionally more satisfied on my own. We had no debt and no kids. My wife, Robbie, was working as a contract nurse and earning killer dough, so we said, "Now's the time." It was a leap of faith. I'd say it was well worth the leap.
EP Advice:
Make sure your finances are in order (don't starve to be an entrepreneur), foster support from your partner, kids, family, friends and business associates, and MAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH!

More & Misc.

Favorite Pastime: My drums, my yard, my family.
Favorite Business Links:,
Favorite Search Engine: (compiles multiple engines into one search)
Keywords: jeff zbar, going soho, work@home, telework, alternative work arrangement
Favorite Quotes:
"The really efficient laborer will be found not to crowd his day with work but will saunter to his task surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure."

- Henry David Thoreau

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

- Milton Berle

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