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"Self-Portrait" - Jason, age 17


"Home" - Philip, age 6

"What I love most about being a work-at-home parent is being able to set my own priorities and schedule. There's always time for a story or cuddle when it's needed."

Deborah Sechrist, Houston, TX

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EP Snapshot
EP: deB Sechrist
  • Mom to 3 children, ages 5 - 18
  • Partner to Scott Sechrist, a Geophysicist
Contact Info:
Deborah Sechrist
P.O. Box 841893
Houston, TX 77284-1893
Phone: (281) 856-8226
Fax: (281) 856-7445
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Freelance Artist
Previous Career:
Always have been an artist, in one media or another. 15 years of retail, 5 years in service professions, including home health care, food service and cleaning. Self-taught on computer skills.
Work Hours/Week: about 30
Years Working@Home: about 4
Profile Date: 5/98
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: CyberCrone, a web design, Internet consulting and graphics service and a print-media desktop publishing service offering greeting cards, photo albums, photo retouch, and small business media kits.
Pet Project: Wise Women of the Web and the Purple Ribbon Awareness Campaign
Mission: To support and encourage those who wish to work at home and raise their own children.
Top Services/Products:
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Kits
  • Photo Albums
  • Calendars
  • Greeting and Note Cards
Target Market: Just about anybody, but especially small home businesses
Home Career Defining Moment: As the time to go back to work after family leave approached, I realized that I just could not do it any more. I decided I had earned the chance to live my life the way I believed it should be. Financially it was very difficult but I'm convinced I made the right decision for me and for my family.
Home Career Goal: To learn my craft(s) well enough to be able to afford to stay at home permanently.

EP Discount

Mention the EP Profiles and you'll receive a 15% discount off any CyberCrone service. Just send a message to deB at [email protected] with the heading "EP Profiles" and your preferred contact info, and I'll be in touch soon!

A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force:
I wanted to stay home with my kids and couldn't face the reality of 50-60 hour weeks, overnighters and cancelled days off that going back to work in retail would have meant. So I started figuring out the computer my husband was using for his home business, and developed a business from my self-taught skills.
EP Musings:
I have definitely traded financial security for more time with my kids, but it's been worth every minute!
EP Advice:
Very few of us will ever get rich, but most of us are enjoying what we do and enjoying bringing up our own kids. It takes time to build a business, especially when family comes first.

More & Misc.

Favorite Pastime: making meals with my eager little helpers
Keywords: design, graphics, DTP, web, personalized, photo
Favorite Quote:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,
what is essential is invisible to the eye.

-- Antoine de Saint Exupery

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