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"Naturally I love the flexibility and freedom to set my own hours. Even greater is the fact that our whole family is involved. My husband and daughter frequently travel with me when I speak. They sell my books, mail out press kits and my daughter has been doing humorous monologues for conferences around the world since she was four. We all chip in to help make 'our' family business a success."

Silvana Marie Clark, Bellingham, WA

Silvana's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Silvana Clark
  • Mother to 2 children, ages 8 & 25
  • Partner to Allan Clark, a professional speaker/writer
Contact Info:
Silvana Clark
Memory Makers
2100 Birch Circle
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 734-9506
Fax: (360) 734-9506
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Professional Speaker
Previous Career:
  • Children's Church Director
  • Director of youth center for at-risk teens
  • Recreation Supervisor for 10 years
  • Professional speaker for 8 years

Degree: B.S. in Recreation Administration, San Diego State University

Work Hours/Week: 30-35
Years Working@Home: 8 years
Profile Date: 6/98
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: Memory Makers, professional speaker presenting keynotes and workshops on innovative marketing ideas. Author of 4 books and over 100 magazine articles.
Top Products/Services:
  • Presentations for conferences and businesses
  • Books:
    • Taming The Marketing Jungle
    • Taming the Recreation Jungle
    • 101 Tips For Early Childhood Directors
    • 150 Ways To Raise Creative, Confident Kids
  • We also sell a novelty computer "PANIC" key
Primary Market: Small business owners, educators, parents
Mission Statement: To provide high quality information to the groups I meet, listening to their needs and working as a team. Whether speaking or writing, to know my family is a vital part of this job.
Mission Accomplished: "I wanted to leave half way through your gave me so many ideas that I couldn't wait to start trying them out! Not only did you give practical information, your enthusiasm made us all want to start putting those ideas to work."
  • International Dioxide
  • Serendipity Travel Agency
  • Celtic Industries
  • Colleen Shapario Graphic Arts
  • A.J. Bonocore Agency, Inc.
  • ABA Associates, Inc.
  • Doris Kelly Trust
  • E O Storz Estate & Else Storz Trust
  • numerous individual tax returns
Home Career Goals: I'd like to present more keynotes and workshops on marketing to small business owners. Frequently I'm asked to speak on customer service, which isn't nearly as much fun. My new book, 150 Ways To Raise Creative, Confident Kids will hopefully let me speak to more parent groups.
Home Career Defining Moment: As a speaker I present a keynote, then fly home. A business asked me to consult for them. When I hesitated, they knew they could appeal to me by offering to fly my family with me across the U.S., give us lodging, rental car, a nice check and plenty of free time as a exchange for a few hours of consulting. I knew then that this was a great life!

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  • 150 Ways To Raise Creative, Confident Kids, $11.00 shipping included
  • Craft Fun With Sondra (55 children's crafts), $6.00 shipping included
  • PANIC buttons, $1.00 each
Just send a message to Silvana at [email protected] with the subject heading "EP Profiles" and your preferred contact info, and I'll be in touch soon!

A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force:
I had a wonderful job with a city agency. When my daughter was born I wanted to stay home with her. Our income was cut exactly in half, but we survived. I began speaking and writing to provide income and personal fulfillment.
EP Musings:
We're a pretty easy-going family with just a few basic rules. The main rule: Be Quiet when mom is on the phone. Sondra has known that since she was two. However, we had a very tame pet sheep whose pen connected to my window. About twice a day Boomer would press his slimy nose on my office window, baaaaing for a snack. He persisted with his loud noise until I gave him a treat. This was a normal part of our routine. One day I was talking to one of the most important clients I ever had in my eight years of business. Boomer saw me on the phone and started coming towards me. I quickly crawled under my desk,(while trying to carry on an intelligent conversation) so he wouldn't stand outside the window and baa in his loud voice. I spent 20 minutes curled up, legs cramped, so I could maintain a professional image.
EP Advice:
You have to be disciplined. Yes, you work around your children and include them in as much as possible, but you are still running a business. It's amazing what can be done in 15 minute segments. It may mean getting out of a cozy bed an hour earlier to get work done. It may mean not chatting with a friend on the phone. Home businesses are wonderful, but it is easy to get relaxed about deadlines and professional standards by saying you want to spend time with your children.
Know that you'll make mistakes. You'll pick the wrong letterhead, design strange brochures, run short of money...but you learn the whole time. Working from home is a process that should be full of fun and discovery.

Misc. & More

Favorite Pastimes:
Reading, biking and traveling
Silvana, Marketing Jungle, PANIC buttons, Creative Kids
Favorite Quote:
"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do so."

-- Proverbs 3:27

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