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""The funniest thing my kid said while I was working at home was when a friend asked what Lindsey didn't like about mommy having a home business she stated, "I have to wait a LONG time for my turn on the computer."

Cheryl Sandberg, Castro Valley, CA

Cheryl's Profile Features:
EP Snapshot
EP: Cheryl Sandberg
  • Mom to 2 children, ages 2 & 6
  • Partner to Bruce Sandberg, an auto claims adjuster
Contact Info:
Cheryl Sandberg
Sandberg Business Developments
4638 Heyer Ave
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Phone: 510-889-6032
Email: [email protected]
EP Title(s):
  • Self-Taught Web designer
  • Special Training in Photoshop
Previous Career:
  • I managed several 'Fox Photo' one hour photo labs. I did this for 4 years, while in college and before I had children. I have been staying home with my children since my first child was born 6 years ago.
Work Hours/Week: 10-20
Years Working@Home: 2 years
Profile Date: 1/99
Home Career Highlights
Home Biz: Sandberg Business Developments, a professional web site design business. We specialize in small business introductions to the World Wide Web. I help business owners broaden their base so they can advertise world wide.
Top Products/Services:
  • Web Sites Starting at $90
  • Logo Creation
  • Domain Name Service
  • Photographic Editing
  • Web Site Anaylsis, Improvement and Maintenance of Current Company Web Site
Primary Market: Small business owners looking to start their online experience.
Recent Clients:
  • Alameda County Republican Party
  • Educational Felt Products
  • Village Crafter, Craft Mall
  • Stamp By Me, Decorative Rubber Stamps
  • Vintage Motorcycles
  • The Direct Approach, Diet and Weight Loss program
  • Stephanie Williams, a renowned artist specializing in jewelry
Mission: To provide high quality web sites for high quality businesses, listening to their needs and working as a team to achieve web presence as a part of their advertising plan for the business.
Mission Accomplished: One client, who hired me to improve her current web site, wrote: "Cheryl, I am always amazed at how quickly and willingly you fulfill my requests. You have consistently done top notch work and it has made a huge difference in the success of my web site! It loads faster, looks cleaner, is easier to navigate, and simply appears much more professional than anything I could have done on my own! I know this has resulted in increased business! Thanks a million!"

EP Discount

Mention the EP Profiles and you'll receive 10% off any web site package. Just send a message to Cheryl at [email protected] with the subject heading "EP Profiles" and your preferred contact info, and I'll be in touch soon!

A Voice of Experience

EP Motivating Force:
I recenty received an e-mail from a woman in Wyoming who had searched through over 50 web designers after using a search engine and picked me out of the whole bunch. She told me that she was impressed with my work and felt that she would get her money's worth.
EP Musings:
When my littlest one goes to school, I would like to attend college and learn even more about CGI Programing and Java Programing so I can keep up with current technology. I would like to be able to offer my clients more interactive sites in the future.
EP Advice:
Research other companies just like yours on the Internet, as well as close to your home, and see what is working for them.
Remember that kids are kids and they don't recognize the importance of deadlines and crucial phone calls. But first and foremost, remember that your little ones are only little once, if you feel your kids need more time and if you can scale back and be OK financially -- do it.

More & Misc.

Favorite Pastime:
  • Scrapbooking -- I put my pictures in archival quality photo albums with acid free decorations such as stickers and colored pens.
  • Camping -- I enjoy camping in our family's favorite vacation spot, Yosemite National Park.
  • Decorative Rubber Stamping -- I make personalized, hand stamped, embossed, and decorated cards for all occasions for special people in my life.
Favorite Business Link: HTML Writers Guild
Favorite Parenting Link: The FUN Place
Favorite Resource Link: For Web Designers with Photoshop
Favorite Search Engine: Yahoo!
Keywords: web page, web site, web designer, web page authoring
Favorite Quote:
"...then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves."

--Philippians 2:2-4 as spoken at our wedding

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