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Jay Ann Cox
EP Coach
Are you a single parent trying to make it all work for your unique family? Ask Jay Ann for help!
Jay Ann Cox
Email: [email protected]
EP Coaching Services: click here!

For single parents, the struggle to balance work, family and household management can be an exhausting challenge. But for those who have the financial footing and the inclination to take charge on many fronts, working at home can be just the right lifestyle choice. Jay Ann Cox, a single mother by choice of a busy 2 and a half year old son, is a successful work@home parent who knows the ropes and is happy to share her experience with others.

In her coaching practice, Sarabi Consulting, Jay brings to the table many years of related experience as a corporate communicator and customer service representative, a writing instructor, and a scholar of the humanities. In whatever job she has worked, Jay found herself suggesting innovations, implementing change, or helping others to cope with organizational change. Her own personal transformations have led her to help others use and learn the techniques that worked miracles for her.

Under the umbrella, Jay offers consultations on many topics from writing your birth story and crafting a family mission statement to formulating a plan for one or both parents to work-at-home successfully. Her specialties are helping families of all kinds put their values into action, build a support network, and enjoy their unique "family culture." Write to her for a list of current services and rates.

Sarabi Consulting offers ongoing business coaching and peak performance for middle managers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and small business owners. This fall (1998), Sarabi Consulting and will offer workshops via conference call on a variety of topics. The workshops as well as all private consultations are conducted over the phone.

Jay has worked as a consultant for over 10 years in computer systems training and software installation, customer service design, and more recently, consumer behavior, ethnic culture, tourism and food.

Her vision, high energy and ability to "shift on the fly" make her an excellent coach, able to adapt to the bumps in the road while keeping an eye on the desired outcome. Sarabi Consulting is the culmination of all of her skills as a teacher, scholar, writer, student, and mother.

Jay Ann is one of our EP Coaches! If you have more than a single "Ask the EP Expert" question in mind and would like to arrange a private consultation with her, fill out the form on our EP Coaching page. She will be in touch with you to arrange payment and set up your consultation ASAP.

Jay Ann's Coaching Rates are:

  • $150/month for 2 half-hour sessions and unlimited e-mail and "flash" calls
  • $275/month for 4 half-hour sessions and unlimited e-mail and "flash" calls

Jay Ann Cox currently lives in Arizona with her toddler. You can reach her directly by e-mail at [email protected]. (Note: send your single EP questions here!)

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