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Joe Spataro
Looking for answers to your homeschooling questions? Ask Joe what's on your mind!

 EP Homeschooling Q&As

Q. I will begin homeschooling my son in August and I would like to know if I can keep his school records. Can the parents of homeschooled children request the records or does the school keep them? Thank you.

A. You should be able to access the school records. I would double check with the laws in your state and you can access our state-by-state files at:

Be careful to keep a record of the work you are doing or at least a portfolio of your child's work. You may be asked to support your program by your state by having the proper documentation. A portfolio will also be important when you try to reintegrate your child back into the system, especially in the private sector or in college.

You can find the answers to most of your homeschooling questions in our FAQ at:

Good luck!


Q. Dear Joe,

My husband and I recently attended a seminar given by Gary and Anne Marie
Ezzo called "Growing Kids God's Way." I have actually entertained the idea of home schooling after the elementary years, but we are on a REALLY tight budget since I'm a stay at home mom.

Wouldn't it cost a lot to purchase all the home schooling materials needed to school each child through all the years? We have three children, ages 8, 6, and 2.

Kathie Cunningham
A.Hi Kathie,
The short answer to your question is NO. Many people of very humble means are able to homeschool. Think about using your local resources, and sometimes you can even get books from your school district. The most expensive part of homeschooling is your time. That is what is hard to come by. But it is well worth the investment since that investment is in the most important project of your life -- your children!
Please stop by and join one of our discussion groups at, and learn more about homeschooling by reading our homeschooling FAQ (frequently asked questions) at: We have many resources for getting used curricula at a great price and a
whole lot more.
Thanks for your interest and I look forward to seeing you.
Q. II am 41 years old and have a 10-year old that I want to homeschool. I need a job I can do at home to make extra money. I have a strong background in bookkeeping. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for any help you can give me,
Lynda Berry
A. Bookkeeping is an excellent way to make extra money part-time. Your method of doing this is to get a part-time job through a professional temp agency. You may have to leave the house during the actual work, but this way to can schedule your time in a flexible way.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to set up your own business, but that will obviously take a lot more time and effort. We had a story of a women that took a simple craft idea as a result of a Christmas present and ultimately turned it into a burgeoning craft business. For organizational ideas on this and more, we have resources and ideas back at our HomBiz newsletters at: and you are welcome to join our homebiz discussion group

I hope this helps.
Good luck,

Q. By trade, I am a Paralegal/Legal Secretary and have 12 years experience in the legal field. I work part-time right now as a Legal Assistant and enjoy it. I also would like to do some type of work at home, either what I do in the office now, some of which could be done at home, some not. Or I also came up with a great idea for a product for new mothers. I have patented the idea (since I work with attorneys, that was the first thing they told me to do!).

Anyway, I am not sure what to do next. Should I submit some type of introductory letter to manufacturers of baby bottles (it's an addition to a baby bottle that makes it work better) and see what happens, try to develop a prototype (which I have heard is expensive) or ??? I cannot make up my

I have very little time with a toddler at home, and at this time I am not willing to leave him for more than a few hours. My husband and I share the care of our son because we do not believe in daycare or other people watching him while he is so young. He will be 2 next month. I have two older children, ages 25 and 20 years and started over again with my son! It's exhausting!

Anyway, I am very indecisive about what to do next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


A. Hi Valarie,

This can be a very tricky business and it sounds like your family
constraints have you a bit under siege. In terms of your idea, it sounds like you are unable to manufacture the product yourself and you will need to rely on existing manufacturers. This can be a very difficult and a "David & Goliath" experience. Do you plan to license the product to them? If so, have you done the background research to see what a fair price should be? What is the potential competitive advantage and/or market share, you anticipate from your product?

Be prepared to work really hard as there are a million an one inventors out there all with a similar idea. If you want to pursue your discussion with our business group, you are welcome to visit HomeBiz and join the discussion group at

Good luck on your project,


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