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Work-Family Transitions
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6 Ways to Work-Family Balance
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Pat Katepoo
Pat Katepoo
Need help getting the boss to say "yes" to a shorter work week? Ask Pat for help!
Pat Katepoo
Work Options Inc
47-370 Mawaena Street
Kaneohe, HI 96744-4721
Ph: 1-800-279-FLEX
(toll-free in the USA)
Ph: 1-808-531-9939 (outside the USA)
Number released upon request
[email protected]

Career professionals/parents who want to relieve a time-pressured lifestyle turn to Pat Katepoo for resources and strategic advice.

When she started Work Options Inc. in 1993, Pat had a clearly stated purpose: "To help working parents successfully arrange a flexible work schedule at their current job to allow more time for their children." Since then, she has assisted thousands through her work as a consultant, counselor, speaker and writer.

Getting the boss to say "yes" to a flexible work arrangement, such as a four day work week or job sharing, is her specialty. Countless individuals have used her proven, approval-winning strategies outlined in her workbook-on-disk, Flex Success, cited by author Paula Brook in Work Less, Live More as " of the best tools to negotiate shorter or more flexible work time...".

She and/or Work Options have been featured in several major newspapers and magazines in Hawaii, where she and her husband reside, in regional parenting magazines, and in national publications, including Child, American Baby, Parenting and Hope magazines.

Pat was a career professional in the health field, which included years as a counselor, when she made her first personal work-family transition. She successfully negotiated a pro-ration of her management-level salary and benefits when she willfully made the move to go from being a full-time department head to a 30 hour-a-week, non-management professional position. This transition is recounted as a "case study" in the nationally distributed book, Breaking Out of 9 to 5 (Peterson's, 1994).

In another full-to-part-time strategy, she successfully negotiated a 20% reduction in time at the job but only a single-digit percentage reduction in pay.

It's clear that Pat knows how to strategize, position and negotiate for results! And she can help you do the same. She is available for individual consultation and media interviews, both by telephone. You can reach her by e-mail at [email protected]. (Note: Send your EP questions here!)

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