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Marilyn Zelinski
Marilyn Zelinsky
Need some practical solutions to your home office design dilemmas? Ask Marilyn for help!
Marilyn Zelinsky
47 High Circle Lane
Fairfield, CT 06432
Phone: (203) 373-0932
Fax: (203) 373-0065
E-mail: [email protected]

If you're tearing your hair out because your home work space is a disaster, or not as comfortable as it needs to be, count on Marilyn Zelinsky to help you out of your mess!

Zelinsky knows firsthand the experience of working from a less-than-ideal home office. When Zelinsky first began working at home, she wound up on the dining room table and eventually graduated to a cramped, inefficient, and messy home office! Through researching her book on home office planning and design, she was able to find and carve out the most desirable and productive place in her home from which to work.

From her experiences, Zelinsky wrote Practical Home Office Solutions (McGraw-Hill, October 1998) and New Workplaces for New Workstyles (McGraw-Hill January 1998). Practical Home Office Solutions depicts the reality of the work-at-home lifestyle through photos of real-life home offices and through insightful, often humerous interviews with home office workers who candidly discuss their design problems and share their solutions. In her book, Zelinsky also evaluates some of the most popular home office furniture products, and tells you where to find affordable home workspace solutions.

Zelinsky has reported extensively on the design industry for a decade, as senior editor for Interiors Magazine (until she left to work at home full-time), and writing articles for national publications including Home Office Computing, Country Decorator, and Woman's Day Special Interest Decorating Publications. She has judged a number of product and furniture competitions sponsored by the American Society of Interior Designers, and she has seen the best and the worst home office products on the market when she judged the 1995 and 1996 Home Office Products Competition, sponsored by the Merchandise Mart of Chicago and Interiors Magazine.

Zelinsky has collected home office design dilemmas for nearly a decade and always needs new real-life stories for articles she writes.

Zelinsky, a journalist, works from her home office (which was once a bonafied disaster!) and lives with her husband, Steve Syarto, in Fairfield, CT. She is available for writing assignments and media interviews at [email protected]. (Note: send your EP questions here!)

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