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Gil Gordon
Gil Gordon
Looking for answers to your telecommuting questions? Check out Gil's informative FAQs and then Ask Gil if you need further help!
Gil Gordon Associates
10 Donner Court
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Ph: (732) 329-2266
Fax: (732) 329-2703
Email: [email protected]

When managers are looking to set up a telecommuting program, they are learning who to consult before, during and after the transition. Gil Gordon is known around the world as one of the foremost telecommuting experts. Since establishing his consulting practice in 1982, he has specialized in helping private- and public-sector firms establish successful telecommuting programs, and in advising providers of products and services on effective marketplace strategies.

Founder of Gil Gordon Associates, a "one-stop" service for employers, vendors, researchers, policy-makers and others interested in the telecommuting field, Gordon is helping managers and their home-based employees survive and thrive in their new work relationship. Gil's site has been recognized worldwide as an outstanding collection of telecommuting information with links to hundreds of other useful sites on a global spectrum.

Gordon's work includes:

  • the monthly industry newsletter, Telecommuting Review, written for employers and vendors since 1984
  • the books: Teleworking Explained, by Gil Gordon and co-authors Mike Gray, Noel Hodson and Ron Penny; and Telecommuting: How to Make It Work for You and Your Company by Gil Gordon and co-author Marcia M. Kelly
  • the management videos: Telecommuting in the '90s: Myth vs. Reality and The Virtual Office
  • the Telecommute Conference, an annual conference and networking opportunity now in its sixth year (for details on the Telecommute '98 Conference, visit this site).

Gil Gordon presently lives with his wife of 25 years in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. He is available for consultation and media interviews. You can reach him by e-mail at [email protected]. (Note: send your EP questions here!)

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