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Top 10 Lifetime Improvements A Home Career Brings To Your Family

Role modeling is a priceless gift you offer your children when you become an EP.

© 1997, by Lisa M. Roberts

We all know what a home career can bring to an individual -- financial reward, professional growth, autonomy, intellectual challenge, to name a few. But what does your @home work option bring to the other members of your family?

Here are the "Top 10" gifts you give to your family when you choose to become a home-based Entrepreneurial Parent. If you are already an "EP," you may be scooping out the following lifetime improvements in large portions already!

1. Comfort. Being available to your children without apology or hesitation on those sick days, sad days, befuddled and confounding days is the priceless gift a home business brings your family throughout the year. Your children will grow and glow in the warmth of your physical presence in their daily lives, comforted by your availability to them.

2. Hope. Home business offers children the opportunity to watch their parent(s) being productive -- and happy -- in non-domestic pursuits. They will catch you at the height of your productivity and during the peaks of achievement, learning that work can be a positive force in a person's life. This subliminal message boosts their own lifetime aspirations.

3. Perseverance. Children who grow up with a home business in the other room will experience with their parents the realities and stresses of adult responsibilities. They'll come to understand that work is not all fun and games, and learn from you how to persevere when multiple responsibilities lead to frustration and anxiety.

4. Teamwork. A home business family knows well that the harder you work now, the more fun you'll have later. Since your income is assignment-based rather than salary-based, it's easier to designate "Monday's work" as "Saturday's visit to the zoo." Family vacations, a new car, piano lessons, tickets to a baseball game -- these are all tangible rewards you can offer your family in exchange for their support of your business activities. Such a team effort strengthens family bonds.

5. Parental Harmony. Every couple who lives with a home business works as a team to pull it off. Many find that a home business serves as a peace pipe between partners -- either by bridging the vocational gap between them or by enabling "The Home Front" to run smoother. Parental harmony goes a long way in the emotional well-being of children.

6. Creativity. Ever wonder what happens to all those ideas about your business that flow out of your head? Your children catch them! In an entrepreneurial household creativity abounds -- and the ideas you verbalize but don't implement are rarely wasted. They're put to use by your children in the world they live in -- through schoolwork, play, friendships, etc.

7. Economic Awareness. Children of home-based entrepreneurs become economically astute at an early age. It's likely they'll witness checks or money being exchanged for products or services developed at home, go with you to the bank to deposit those checks, then accompany you on errands to purchase consumer products that were made elsewhere -- completing the economic cycle on a personal level.

8. Generosity. Business ownership offers ample opportunities for volunteer work and community involvement, teaching children the gift of giving.

9. Financial Security. As the workforce shifts to accommodate new technology and employment opportunities, contract working is emerging as a viable and profitable work option. A home business develops highly marketable career skills that will help parents cross over the bridges between big business, small business and self-employment as family and economic needs change. This helps secure the family's finances.

10. Career Development. A home business also helps develop the career skills your children will need as young adults. By enlisting their help in administrative tasks as they grow, you will be exposing them to a solid foundation in business management. Such an invaluable experience will serve them well in whatever work option they choose for themselves when someday they have their own bills to pay...

© 1997 Lisa M. Roberts, all rights reserved. The above article is an excerpt from How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business, a title highly recommended by La Leche League, Home Office Computing and the Family Christian Bookclub. Order your own copy today!

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