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Your Family: As parents today, we are all united in seeking a healthy, reliable home environment for our children to grow in. How lucky we are to be living in an age where this goal is finally being realized by so many. In the U.S. alone, an estimated one-third (11.7 of 33 million) of families with children 18 years or younger currently work at home! These parents are finding out that they can merge traditional family values with progressive career goals to enjoy a lifestyle rich in both emotional and financial security.

The Internet/Information Age has ushered in a whole new era of work-family unity not seen since the Agricultural Age over a hundred years ago. As a new generation of parents, we certainly have our share of new workforce worries, but we also have outstanding opportunities! By sharing information, experiences and resources through such a global connection as we have here, we can work together to realize the dream every parent, throughout history, has strived for.

Here at Your Family, we have articles contributed by parenting, child care and work-family experts, as well as essays written by a wide spectrum of everyday parents struggling with and conquering their work-family goals. You'll learn alternatives to those long days of paid child care, how to partner up with your spouse whether or not s/he is directly involved with your home career, and what it takes to keep those home fires burning at the same time you're making money for all that firewood!

Your Career: Ever get tired of people asking you what you "do" for a living? It's like asking a ring master how he runs his circus. A working parent and a ring master could struggle with similar thoughts to come up with an answer. "With chaos and confusion, um, skill and talent, uh, laughter and fear, well, I guess, balance, whenever possible..."

It's easy for a parent to stumble with career clarification. After all, the moment you become a newborn parent you inherit a second job that will come in natural and constant collision with whatever employment course you've been on! Face it you, your spouse, your house and your career will all be in a tailspin for the next twentysomething years.

So what are you supposed to do in the meantime, put everything on hold? For most parents, this is just not an option. Life goes on, and so do careers. However, parenthood and your paid vocation are ever-interwoven now. You need both to thrive, and both need your focus, commitment and faith to survive as well. A feat, without doubt, worthy of a ring master!

Here at Your Career, you'll find what every ring master needs experience, know-how and vision. You'll learn from career counselors and workplace experts across the nation how the age of career flexibility has arrived, why more and more employers are open to the telecommuting option, and how working at home can fit into your long-term career goals.

Your Business: It's a new age of global connection, high-tech income, virtual offices and babies at the keyboard! As you lean forward in your office chair, tuned in and attentive to the revolutionary opportunities of the computer age, little hands are spinning that chair around, giving you, The Entrepreneurial Parent, another wondersite to behold!

Today home businesses are enabling parents like you to forge ahead professionally while staying behind domestically, where you can care for, teach and enjoy your children on a daily basis. While you may not at first consider yourself cut out for self-employment, you may very well find that parenthood itself has in many ways prepared you for this work option.

Here at Your Business, you'll find a wide variety of advice, tools, exercises and insights to help you start, manage and grow your home business. You'll learn home business start-up and management basics, brainstorming techniques and marketing/publicity campaigns from savvy SOHO experts across the nation.

Your Community: is YOUR Internet community. We encourage you to discuss the successes, failures, fears and hopes of work, family and entrepreneurship with fellow EPs, or to ask questions of your EP Mentors if you're stuck on a personal, career or business dilemma. Enjoy your visit and come back soon to learn more, contribute to the discussion, or see who else has joined the Entrepreneurial Parenthood Community!
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