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Tips from the Boardroom
Becoming an EP is not the only way to balance work and family, as many a corporate working mom or dad can attest. Here's the "other side of the story" for those parents who are lucky enough to have found reliable, quality childcare...and have become "master jugglers" of the executive kind.
by Rosanna Pittella
On Being an EP (Entrepreneurial Parent): One Woman's Story
The workforce landscape is changing dramatically as more and more people opt to work from home and raise their children at the same time. These pioneers need resources to give them support and point them in the right direction.
by Desiree Scales
On Becoming an EP (Entrepreneurial Parent): One Woman's Journey
I realized that this time around I needed to find an environment where my choice to be a parent would be celebrated. A coup-d-etat! I was going to stage a takeover of my life which began with a two-page memo in response to my supervisor's allegations...
by Saba Kennedy
Integrating Worklife with Homelife
I occasionally question my choice to work from home rather than from the comparative calm of an office...but my anxieties are quieted as I realize that right now the pull to be with my children is irresistible. Fortunately, working at home means that there is no need to choose between my daughters and my profession.
by Amy Contra-Peters

Career-Related Book Excerpts from How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof

Workplace Trend: Career Flexibility
While corporations are busy merging or downsizing - slimming down their permanent staffs - small businesses are multiplying and building their staffs. The by-product? An unprecedented growth of "flexible careers."
Intrapreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs
Intrapreneurs reinvigorate corporate departments that have become stagnant and stale. Home office professionals - with their technological know-how and enterprising workstyle - are often hired as intrapreneurs when they return to the traditional workforce.

Articles by EP Contributors

Three Home Career Selection Traps to Avoid
Don't fall prey to the most common traps of aspiring Entrepreneurial Parents. Ask the "Right Question" from the start - and don't give up until you answer it!
by Paul and Sarah Edwards
Home Career Selection FAQs
Wondering what business to start, what business to buy, or whether you should make the shift from a full-time job to a home career? These top three FAQs will put you on the right track.
by Paul and Sarah Edwards
Telecommuting - A Safe Ride
A commentary on the hazards of traditional commuting...
by Rick Johnson
Six Ways to Work-Family Balance
Your home life, finances and career goals will help you determine which work option is best for you at this phase of your life. Here is an overview of the most common full-time and part-time flexible work arrangements to consider.
by Pat Katepoo
Doing the Office Work Without the Office
The world of work has changed. In a matter of approximately a decade, we've seen a dramatic shift in the definition of "office work" and of the "office" -- and, most important, the severing of the historic link between the two. As that separation continues -- enabled by technology, lifestyle, economic, and values shifts -- the implications for managers and business owners explode.
by Gil E. Gordon
Full Time Stay-At-Home Mom to Entrepreneurial Parent ("EP"!): Tips for Easing the Transition
Even if you don't expect to start your business for several years, now is the time to start planning for your re-entry into the workforce - including the home office workplace!
by Nancy Collamer

Career-Related Material by Lisa Roberts

About Your Resume
Skills obtained through your entrepreneurial endeavors will spice up your resume and entice a growing company.
Sample Resume
An example of a resume aimed at the traditional workforce featuring home-based, entrepreneurial accomplishments.

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