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About Your Resume

Skills obtained through your entrepreneurial endeavors will spice up your resume and entice a growing company.

© 1997, by Lisa Roberts

Whether you work for your own company or somebody else's, it's always a good idea to keep your resume current! With career opportunities in such flux these days, and individual skill sets maturing daily along with technology, you never know when you'll need a synopsis of your present skills.

Get in the habit of updating your resume at least twice a year. This way you'll be quick on your feet if you suddenly get "jerked" into job search mode. This can happen in your own company, when sales are low, or in your employer's company, when staff positions are being cut or reorganized.

Skills obtained through your entrepreneurial endeavors will spice up your resume and entice a growing company. The key to marketing your newly developed skill set is to comprehend and speak the language of corporate human resources. This is simpler than it sounds. All it takes is a careful study of a metropolitan newspaper's current help wanted ads. By tracking the skills employers are looking for, and then taking a second look at your hands-on work experience, you can create a highly marketable, targeted and effective resume.

For instance, the following requirements have been lifted directly from "real-life" classified ads and are precisely in tune to the entrepreneurial profile:

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and adhere to tight deadlines.
  • A bright, imaginative thinker with strong organizational skills and the flexibility to adapt to changing priorities.
  • Experience interacting with vendors and direct client contact.

So when you're ready to roll up your sleeves and repackage your professional profile, start poring over the want ads in your field. Highlight the precise requirements your experience meets and type them up, adding to the list every week as job positions open. By the end of your first month you'll notice a trend in the language and have a highly-targeted guideline to help you rewrite your resume.

To view a resume that, using the above techniques, became a "hot ticket" to a job interview, click here. This resume yielded a 33% success rate and was described during interviews as "one of five" or "one of seven" chosen out of hundreds received.


  • Your resume is a marketing tool - use your marketing know-how, gleaned during your entrepreneurial endeavors, to "sell" your skill set and, of course, to sell your self!

© 1997 Lisa M. Roberts, all rights reserved. The above article is an excerpt from How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business, a title highly recommended by La Leche League, Home Office Computing and the Family Christian Bookclub. Order your own copy today!

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