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NAEP Member Quotes

"I found a reference to the Entrepreneurial Parent web site in the 'Personal Business' section of Business Week magazine while at work one day. I went home, looked up the site, and loved what I found. Aspiring entrepreneurs can find a lot of encouragement and 'how-to' articles, and established entrepreneurs can find information on marketing, web page building, balancing work and family time, and other issues all entrepreneurs face.

"I joined the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents in February of 1999, primarily because I wanted to be involved in forming a local chapter so that I could meet face-to-face with other "EPs" and "aspiring EPs" like myself. Within two months
of joining, I was laid off from my job of 14 years, received a generous severance package, and formed my own company, Econosystems, in April of 1999. The transition was stressful, but also joyful and exciting -- due in large part to the advice, information and encouragement I received from my fellow NAEP members."

-- Anne Ramstetter Wenzel, Econosystems, Menlo Park, CA,

"I have been visiting the EP site nearly a year pretty regularly. In fact, it's on my goal list every month. It's chock full of information and there is always something new for me to scope out. And now that the EP listserv is available, I get daily reminders of all the other EPs who struggle to balance their lives as I do. I subscribe to a lot of lists, but I try to save EP for the end of the day. It's a nice way to wind down from a hectic work/family schedule and reminds me of all the good reasons I have my home office. That, of course, in addition to kissing my kids good night and knowing I spent more time with them today than I ever could if I worked in a corporate office!"

-- Barb Roeder, Multimedia Technology Consultant, Brookfield, CT

"I joined NAEP for the support I needed to go about having my own business as a mother of two small children. I'm thrilled with the opportunites that NAEP has already provided me to expand my business, and with leads for additional exposure."

-- Cheryl Sandberg, Sandberg Business Developments, Castro Valley, CA,, Cheryl was our featured "EP" on PBS

"The National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents has brought leadership to a community that has been otherwise left to its own. There are not many resources and support available for those parents who are enterprising enough to start their own companies. NAEP provides education, support and guidance to those looking for a place to learn more about balancing running a company and running a household."

-- Desiree C. Scales, Bella Web Design, Marietta, GA,

"I have been in practice since 1986 and have worked at home since 1989. I joined NAEP as soon as I discovered it, because the key to my survival of a home office is CONTACT with others, by all means possible. NAEP's benefits are especially attractive to me because they recognize and address my need to involve my four kids in my work as well."

-- Paula Dodd Aiello, Attorney at Law, San Ramon, CA

"One of the benefits that I most enjoy is being able to communicate and network with the other members. To me, this is one of my most valuable sources of information (besides EP site, of course!). We can check with one another for worthwhile feedback on what others have done to make their businesses successful. We can share in our trials and tribulations. If we have a question about a particular facet of business, at least one of the members usually has the answer. I am thoroughly enjoying the discussion forums, which I am pleased to monitor as an EP Volunteer."

-- Jeralynn Burke, E-Scent-ials, Des Plaines, IL,

"I joined NAEP because I wanted to meet other people like myself who desired to try a different path in life and become an entrepreneur. I'm in the process and I can't tell you how many wonderful people I've met so far through EP. These wonderful people have helped in mind, business and most of all spirit. We have exchanged advice and knowledge, and my hat goes off to NAEP!"

-- Michele Broad, A Health Focus, Hemet, CA


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