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EP Profile FAQs

1. What are the EP Profiles?
The EP Profiles are a Showcase of Entrepreneurial Parents who we are, what we do, why we do it. It's where you can:
  • Spread the word about your business and/or home career.
  • Stand up and be counted as an Entrepreneurial Parent.
  • Celebrate your work@home lifestyle with the world!
Enter the EP Showcase here to take a peek!
2. What are the goals of the EP Showcase?
The EP Showcase serves as an advertising medium to promote the products and services of EPs, as a resource for business and parenting media looking to profile innovative entrepreneurs, and as inspiration for parents the world over who are looking for viable, family-friendly work options. Designed to reflect our values and priorities, the EP Showcase is intended to push us onward and together! in our home career journey.
3. Who can purchase a page?
Entrepreneurial Parents -- click here for a "definition"!
4. What will my URL be?
5. How much does it cost and what will I get?
To purchase a full profile page whether you have a web site or not we charge a nominal $25.00 fee to put your page up. This includes:
  • A picture your child has drawn (highly preferable), a photo of you, OR a photo of your home office.
  • One business logo (provided by you).
  • All the information requested in our application form.
  • Inclusion in our monthly parenting/business media update.
  • Up to three of your favorite web links.
  • Several links to your email address.
  • Information on how to register your new URL in search engines (on your own time).
6. How do I get a "Free" profile page?
Just join the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents (NAEP)! Membership benefits include a profile page at the EP Showcase, a booth at the EP Gift Shop, and much more!
7. What if I already have a web site, why would I buy a page at the
Most business web sites primarily function as an electronic brochure of your products and services. Such a site is a very important part of your overall (on and off-line) marketing campaign, and we highly recommend that you develop your own professional web site if you haven't done so already.
But unlike the brochure/catalogue-type sites every business owner should create, content sites like The Entrepreneurial Parent serve as a global resource on a particular subject. With multiple pages of insight, advice and information available to surfers the world over, content sites build traffic by "word of mouth" promotion, and therefore your profile page will receive a different kind of exposure than a straight-forward business site would.
  • The EP Showcase will serve as a resource for the business and parenting media, who are always on the look-out to profile innovative entrepreneurs and flexible, family-friendly work options.
  • Each Profile Page offers a special EP Discount to help you collect the names of prospects who are highly interested in your products/services.
  • Fellow EPs will use the profile pages to make contacts and hopefully support each other's businesses by enlisting each other's services when applicable.
  • Your EP Profile Page is your declaration that you are an Entrepreneurial Parent and proud to be one!
8. Yes, I'd love the visibility of a full profile page. What do I have to do next?
Just fill out the application form and follow the submission guidelines. Once we have your material in-house, we'll work to put your page up within two weeks. (If we become backlogged, we'll give you a call!)
We thank you for your interest and your support!
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask directly at:
[email protected]

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