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To provide services, information and camaraderie that enables parents to pursue independent, family-friendly careers.


NAEP is affiliated with the Entrepreneurial Parent (EP) Internet community (at, which includes over 600 registered members, 2,000 newsletter subscribers and 4-5,000 visitors per month. The EP Community was launched in September, 1998, and has been featured on:
  • PBS -- "Computer Chronicles" show broadcast to over 600 affiliate stations around the world, (January, 1999)
  • ZD-TV -- "Call for Help" show, (February, 1999)
  • MSG Metro -- "Metro on Money" show, (October, 1998)
and in:
  • Parenting Magazine (August, 1999)
  • Home Office Computing Magazine (May, 1999)
  • Business Week (August, 1998)


All parents of young children who are struggling to balance work and family could benefit from learning more about "Entrepreneurial Parents (EPs)." EPs are parents who are self-employed or working towards self-employment, and include all business owners in the SOHO (small office/home office) workforce, as well as freelancers, consultants and independent contract workers.

  • A 1998 consumer household survey conducted by IDC estimates that 10.7 million households in America have parents of dependent children (17 years or younger) working in income-generating home office activities.
  • A 1999 survey of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization conducted by the Kauffman
    Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership reveals that "Balance in life" and "How to be a better spouse and parent" are the most pressing issues among members.

NAEP is the first national organization to address the family and business needs of both fathers and mothers as its primary focus. NAEP provides an avenue where Entrepreneurial Parents can obtain all of the information, education, products and services they need, in one place, offering such membership benefits as:
  • Access to local member support groups
  • EP Manual, T-shirt or Tote
  • Quarterly print newsletter
  • Membership directory
  • Membership card and certificate
  • Discounts on select business/parenting products and services
  • Year-long advertising on the Web site


  • Your Member Profile page at
  • NAEP Chapter Guidelines to start your own local support group of EPs.
  • Choice of A Parent's Guide to Home Business, EP Tote Bag or EP T-Shirt.
  • EPnews a quarterly print publication filled with success strategies for home-based professionals.
  • NAEP Annual Membership Directory.
  • NAEP credentials (Membership Card & Certificate of Membership)
  • Inclusion in the EP Gift Shop for EP's who create and sell original and unique products, crafts, jewelry or artwork.
  • Home career counseling and resume development at low members-only rate.
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