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SOHO Parents form "Real-Time" National Association

FAIRFIELD, CT, July 27, 1999 -- The Entrepreneurial Parent, a popular Internet community for parents who work at home, is pleased to announce the formation of the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents (NAEP).

While there are currently an estimated 10.7 million households where parents of dependent children work at home (Source: IDC, 1998), countless more are in the entire SOHO (small office/home office) workforce, and all have special needs balancing business and family. NAEP is the first national organization to address those needs for both fathers and mothers.

The Association supports and enables parents to have viable independent careers, serves as a vehicle for connecting local entrepreneurial parents, and promotes career flexibility for professionals in economic, occupational and/or personal transition. Until now, it has only been open to members of the online community.

"Within two months of joining NAEP, I was laid off from my job of 14 years, received a generous severance package, and formed my own company," says Anne Wenzel of Econosystems, Menlo Park, California. "The transition was stressful but also joyful and exciting -- due in large part to the advice, information and encouragement I received from my fellow NAEP members."

Adds Paula Dodd Aiello, an Attorney at Law, "I joined NAEP as soon as I discovered it, because the key to my survival is contact with others, by all means possible. NAEP's benefits are especially attractive to me because they recognize and address my need to involve my four kids in my work as well."

Membership dues for NAEP are $45 for one year or $60 for two years, and include: access to local chapter support groups; a book, t-shirt or tote; EPnews -- the print version of the well-received e-zine; a membership directory; membership card and certificate; discounts on select business/parenting products and services; year-long advertising on the Web site (encouraging the involvement of "EP Kids"); and a low renewal rate of $25/year.

"NAEP is for the growing segment of today's workforce who are creating family-friendly workplaces on their own terms," says Co-Founder and spokesperson Lisa Roberts, whose book How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof (1997) was among the first on the market to address this faction.

Adds her partner, Deborah Sechrist, "I was on a fast-paced career track during my eldest son's childhood, but after I remarried and became a new mom again I vowed to find a more balanced work option. While becoming a full-time mom didn't suit me at all, becoming a home-based entrepreneur certainly did. I hope through NAEP we can reach out to others looking for alternatives as well."

For more information on the National Association of Entrepreneurial Parents, send a SASE to: NAEP, POB 320722, Fairfield, CT 06432; Ph/Fax: 203-371-6212; email: [email protected], or visit:

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