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What's It Worth?

EPnews column on money-saving tips by deB Sechrist:

Wanting What You Have
Being satisfied with what you already have is a notion that our mothers try to teach us from toddlerhood...
An Attitude of Gratitude
Wondering how to make it all happen, without overspending our financial or emotional budgets.
Of the Essence
It's been a difficult month: I learned just how valuable time can be.
It seems that we often have to choose between saving time or saving money, we can't have both. Or can we?
Back to School on a Budget
Lots of little ways to save big when getting kids ready for school.
Frugal Legacies
Many of us are frugal because our parents and grandparents are: we find ourselves doing frugal things because we remember being taught by example.
Expert Repair
How to save money when you just can't do it yourself.
Ms. Fix-it
If it's something you'd have to throw out or have someone repair before you can use it, there's usually no harm in trying to fix it yourself, and you can save yourself money if (when!) you succeed.
Who's Doing the Cleaning?
Once you find your level and delegate all you can, learn to accept and not feel guilty about your decision or your limits.
A Stitch in Time...
Keeping financial records from piling up on you.
Loyalty Doesn't Pay
Brand loyalty is one of the pitfalls of couponing.
Keeping Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
It takes a little time but it's worth every extra minute to save days of illness, doctor's fees and medication expenses. Prevention doesn't have to be expensive, either.
My Thrifty Valentine
Ideas for an inexpensive but romantic Valentine
Teaching Our Kids How to Handle Money
with contributions from Karen Katchmeric
New Year, New Ideas
Helpful Website list to inspire frugality.
Frugal Resolutions
If you start off thinking that you need to tighten the belts this year, that there will have to be an end to certain indulgences, or that you will have to somewhere do without, you may be setting yourself up for failure.
The Value of Organization
Organizing yourself and your household just once more before the end of the year can be well worth your time.
Ways to Save with Credit or Cash
with contributions from Arlene Jacobs
Making the Holidays More Affordable
If you're a seasoned pro at cutting costs, you might already know the usual tips for keeping holiday spending under control: set budgets and stick to them, leave the charge cards at home, make gifts instead of buying them, wrap gifts in the Sunday comics or use the inside of paper grocery bags stamped with sponge or cut vegetable prints.
with contributions from Karen Katchmeric
Psychology of Thrift
If you're having difficulty stretching that dollar enough to make ends meet and don't have more time to invest in hunting down bargains or Do-It-Yourself projects, you can still probably improve your cost-efficiency by understanding the psychology of thrift.

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