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Home Office Organizing
Welcome to the EP Home Office Clean-Up Project -- where the EP Community will join together to do some "spring cleaning" of their home offices to make the way for summer activities! You can participate in any and all of the following features:

 Essay Contest | Photo Contest | Email/Phone Chain | Checklist
Essay Contest: Write an essay entitled "Why My Office Needs A Makeover" and you may win a FREE CONSULT (email consult on the topic of your choice) with Professional Organizer Debbie Williams, as well as a copy of her booklet, "Office Organizing 101." The winning entry will be chosen by select members of our EP Expert panel. Deadline for submissions is Fri., May 21, 1999 -- Write to [email protected] with the subject heading "EP Essay Contest". All essay submissions will be considered for publication at the EP site, unless otherwise requested.

Photo Contest: Take a before & after picture of your home office and select members of our EP Expert panel will choose the EP who worked the hardest on "EP Office Clean-Up Day" ;-)! The winning entry will receive a free product at the EP Member Store. Deadline for photo submission is June 9, 1999, and all photos will be posted with EP Member info on a special page at our Web site (unless otherwise requested), so this is a great way to pique some interest in your business as well. Send your photos to: The Entrepreneurial Parent, PO Box 320722, Fairfield, CT 06432 Need some inspiration? Check out deB's before and after photos here.

Email and/or Phone Chain: Let's remind and encourage each other to get through our cleaning day by setting up an email and/or phone chain. For all those interested, send a message to [email protected] with the subject heading "Email Chain" or "Phone Chain" and we'll put you on our Email/Phone Chain list. A few days before the "big day," you'll get the name of a fellow EP to contact, and we'll pass your name on to someone else as well. This is a fun way to "reach out and touch someone" while motivating each other to tackle the job of all jobs...filing/sorting/cleaning/etc.

A Clean-Up Checklist: Debbie Williams of Let's Get It Together has prepared a checklist to help you organize your clean-up day. Print it out as a guide to plan your activities and mark your progress.


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