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Home Office Organizing Checklist
Debbie Williams of Let's Get It Together has prepared a checklist to help you organize your clean-up day. Print it out to plan your activities and mark your progress. While it's impossible to get through this entire list in one day, just highlight the suggestions that make sense to you and check them off after completion.
Good luck to all!

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Consolidate your family, personal, and business planners
Consider rearranging your office for increased space
Choose a location to open mail and process paperwork
Create a system for follow-up: binder with pockets, accordion file, or index card in file box
Make a list of office supplies you need and post it on the supply closet door or on a clipboard
Update planner pages or calendar system
Color-code events on your calendar for quick viewing with markers or stickers


Pull extra personal items from your office and put them in a box outside your door
Sort your mail and place in folders or in-boxes as you open it: trash, file, pay, requires action
Separate current files from archived ones, paid from unpaid, etc.
Sort active from nonactive files, reference books, and office supplies


Remove broken, unused, archived, and personal items from your office
Purge old magazines and trade journals, replacing with current ones
Clean out your Rolodex
Empty your email wastebasket

ORGANIZE IT (finally!)

Rearrange desk top for optimum use and minimum distraction
Create a "hot file" for your desktop or drawer for work-in-progress
Remove inactive materials from desk and bookcase, box them up, and label for archiving
Consider keeping only an article rather than the entire magazine, then file it
Organize desk drawers using purchased drawer dividers or small stationery boxes
Organize files in chronological and alphabetical order
File business cards in a small box with alphabetized dividers, or scan into your computer
Create "filters" and autorespond messages for your email to save time
Hang bulletin boards or dry erase boards on the wall for easy planning


Vacuum office floor
Dust office equipment
Wash coffee mug (!)
Disinfect phone receiver with alcohol wipe
Clean rollerball inside computer mouse
Empty trash can


Create new manila folders for files
Label hanging files
Establish one day a week for filing and processing paperwork
Use one planning system and stick with it for two weeks
Back up computer data on a regular basis
Congratulations! You made it!
Now don't forget to take a snapshot and send your before & after photo to: The Entrepreneurial Parent, PO Box 320722, Fairfield, CT 06432
Winner of Photo Contest wins any item in our EP Member Store ;-)
Did we leave something out? Submit your best office maintenance/clean-up tip and we'll publish it in EPnews AND on the Web site! Send your tip via email to: [email protected]


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