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deB's Office/Garage: Before and After
deB's home office/garage was a clutter magnet and disorganized nightmare. Spurred on by the EP Home Office Clean-up Project, deB tackled the job of cleaning up, spending a full weekend sorting, labeling, tossing and dusting, but the results were well worth the effort!

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BEFORE: A path to the desk.
AFTER: Now you can see the floor!
BEFORE: Clutter Rules! :-(
AFTER: Old check boxes and business card boxes make great free drawer organizers. One drawer holds notes, cards and post-its separated by home and business concerns. Desk drawer contents are now easy to find.
AFTER: Shoeboxes make great holders for just those few items that are hard to store, and the cardboard zine holders are great for in-progress projects. I found that the little strips at either end of the Avery address label sheets are just right for labeling CD cases.
BEFORE: Where to start?!!?
AFTER: Room to work!
We haven't seen this much desk since we set up the office in 1995!
My neighbor didn't even know we had a sofa in here! :-)


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