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Medical Transcription (MT) Central
Welcome to MT Central, where you'll find information and resources for the popular home career field of Medical Transcription. If you're just starting to look into this work option, MT Central is a good place to answer most of your exploratory questions.

As with any home business endeavor, it is wise to step cautiously before you invest your time and money. We are providing this material to help you make an informed decision about selecting this much-talked-about home career. Towards that end, feel free to click on each of the following links, print out the info and read at your leisure.

 Overview | Advice | Salary Estimates | Resource List

Special Thanks to the Following EP Contributors:

LIZETTE WILLIAMS, an EP Volunteer, for compiling all the information found here at MT Central. Liz is an "aspiring MT" and is using this information as a springboard to launch her new home-based career. We wish her much success! (Email Liz to say "Thanks!" if the mood strikes!)

CYNTHIA ANN LEWIS for the primary content found at this mini-site. Her Medical Transcription Overview (on AOL only) is an invaluable resource for MTs and aspiring MTs. You can also find more of Cynthia's MT material on the Internet.

LINDA ANDREWS for supplemental MT info. Learn more at:
Andrews School of Medical Transcription

MT - A Brief Overview:
If you've been thinking about working at home as an MT, here is some basic info you need to know.
A Few Words of Caution to EP's:
You should also consider the following points of caution.
Salary Estimates:
These salary figures were collected from a variety of sources. Many of these people are not new graduates, but have years of experience.
MT Resource List


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