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EP Specialty Store

elcome to our EP Specialty Store. Imagine pulling up to a strip of storefronts where every store on your errand list is all in one place, and every door you walk through has a focused product line. That's where you are right now! So leave the car at home and stroll through some aisles with your fingertips. Enjoy!

When Your Business Hat is On:

When Your Parent Hat is On:

  • Toys & Games – stop running around for birthday gifts or other kid the simplicity of shopping for your kids right at your desk.
  • Videos – stock up on films for when you're on a deadline (but please don't overdue this "virtual" babysitter!!)
  • Baby Products – for new and expectant EPs
  • Educational & Games Software Products – for your children to "work" on the old computer while you're working on the new...
  • Parenting/Homecare Books – to help create a strong homefront (this link takes you to a new page)
  • Potty Training & Chore Charts – to help your EP Kids with potty training and doing their household chores.

If you're a newborn EP, shop for your baby right here!

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Finance your start-up or expand your business with a bank loan.

Business Financing

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Check out this innovative promotional vehicle to advertise your Web site offline.


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When you need to hire your first employee, try this recruitment agency specializing in placing college grads.

Adguide's College Recruiter Empl. Site

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Potty Training and Chore Charts for your EP Kids!

Lee-Bee Toilet Training and Chore Charts

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Stock up on films for when you're on a deadline (but please don't overdue this "virtual" babysitter!!).

At the EP Video Store you can enjoy a wide selection of videos for kids and families, plus weekly specials, featured titles for all age groups, and lots of movies at special values. When you or your children are looking for a break from EP Life, pop some corn in the microwave and a tape in the VCR, and relax!
Here's how the EP Video Store works. Scroll down this section and pick a category for a selection of videos for EPs and EP Kids. Many films are available here at a 30% discount from the retail price, and purchase is just a click away. It's easy, safe and leads to building an entertaining EP Video Library of your own!
Enjoy browsing through the EP Video Store, and come back any time you or your kids need another break! (A new video each month seems to work well for many EP Kids...)
Please Note: We know that as an Entrepreneurial Parent, you are concerned about how and with whom your children spend their free time. While we understand how much you may welcome uninterrupted work hours in your home office, we urge you to be selective in your video purchases so that your VCR doesn't turn into an electronic babysitter! We encourage you to pick only those tapes that are in sync with your educational and entertainment values, and to create some "House Rules" that curb daily TV/VCR viewing hours.

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When it's time to upgrade or expand your business software library, or when your children want to "work" on the old computer while you're working on the new...
EP Featured Product

Business Plan Pro

Create a winning business plan with this easy to follow, step-by-step program.

 Business Center

Graphics/Presentations | Legal | Database/Statistics | Project/Time Management | Finance | General Business | Writing/Spreadsheet Tools
EP Featured Product

Business Law Library

The most comprehensive library of business legal forms and documents ever offered on CD-ROM.

Reference Center

Legal | Encyclopedia | Dictonary & Thesaurus | Atlas & Mapping | Exam Prep | Directories | Medical | Career | Foreign Language
EP Featured Product

Adobe Pagemill V3.0

Use the software that The Entrepeneurial Parent web site was built with to create your own Internet site.

 Internet Center

Email Programs | Bookmark/Browser Tools | HTML Authoring | Graphics/Animation | Web Mgmt | Web Deveopment | TCP/IP Tools | Utilities & Plugins  

EP Featured Product

Net Nanny V3.1

Net Nanny allows you to monitor, screen and block access to anything residing on, or running in your PC, whether you are connected to the Internet or not, and in real time. The best way to protect your children on the Internet!

EP Featured Product


Share Madeline's adventures of exploring Europe while learning reading and spelling skills. Over 50 Activities! 

Edutainment Center

Interactive Books | School Learning | Language Arts | Science & Nature | History & Geography | Critical Thinking Games| M ath Skills | Encyclopedia

 Graphics Center

Clip Art & Fonts | CAD | Desktop Publishing | Graphics/Presentations | Multimedia | Adobe Typefaces
EP Featured Product

3D Home Arichtect Deluxe

Remodel your house without the painting!

EP Featured Product

Final Fantasy VII

Save the world from the evil Shinra Corporation! :-)

  Hobbies Center

Cooking & Wine | Home Design | Gardening | Geneology | Travel | Foreign Language | Religion | Music | Home Publishing | Sports

  Games Center

Strategy | Sports/Simulation | Family Entertainment | Adventure/Roleplay | Children's | Action | Macintosh |


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Get organized during birthday party season -- purchase presents ahead of time...either individually or in bulk!

At the EP/eToy Store, save yourself some time and stress (why CAN'T I have every toy in the store Mommy!??) by browsing through and purchasing toys online. Like catalogue shopping, it's easy, convenient and absolutely hassle-free!
Here's how the EP/eToy Store works. Scroll down this section and pick a category for a selection of quality toys for your EP Kids. You'll surf into our affiliate partner,, where you can browse the toy "shelves" and pick the gifts your kids will enjoy and/or learn from the most.
If you're shopping for your favorite EP Kid or EP Grandkid, don't forget that your toys can be giftwrapped, sent with a gift message and shipped anywhere in the world. Gift certificates are also available right here.
Enjoy browsing the EP/eToy Store...and come back any time you have another birthday or holiday present to buy!

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