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Sometimes working from home as a parent can seem like a three-ring circus, and you're the Ring Master. So how do you keep the show going without compromising each act? The first trick is to make sure all three rings are properly prepared, practiced and can operate independently at times. For more on how entrepreneurial parents can keep the show going, visit The Entrepreneurial Parent!

-- John Knowlton, Business @ Home

Are you juggling children, household duties and a business all within the confines of your 2,500-square-foot home? If so, you will definitely want to tap into the tips and resources of the Entrepreneurial Parent (EP) Web site. EP offers career resources and community support for parents of young children who want to develop enrepreneurial and home career skills. Visit thisWeb site at www.en-parent.com

 -- Real Woman Magazine

The Entrepreneurial Parent is an online community that offers support for those involved in the home career journey. The site is designed to offer advice, counseling and strategies to help parents of both genders who are seeking to balance their very full family and business lives -- all under one roof!

   -- SCORE Workshops/Web Hot Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

A work-family resource for home-based entrepreneurs and career professionals who ar looking for alternative work options. Free membership and newsletter. 

  -- Infoseek

The site to see for advice for individuals in the challenging position of trying to run both a family and a business from home. 

 -- Internet Power Pages, Essential links to offer help in advertising and marketing your business

The Entrepreneurial Parent offers quite a bit of information for parents running a business from home...you can find good, practical information from Ask the EP Experts and mesage board. The site also offers a free newsletter.

 -- Electrinet.com

15 million work-at-home parents grapple with similar issues every day. Lisa Roberts, site founder, doesn't want you to hvae to struggle alone.

 -- MSN Women

Now here's a neat combo, parenting and home business. Just what the doctor ordered for those daycare-raised-my-child nightmares. Why not live an integrated life? 

 -- American Individual Magazine

The latest brainchild of author Lisa Roberts, this web site offers practical, up-to-date information, resources and links on family, career and business, all presented in Roberts' easy, conversational style. This Entrepreneurial Parent is like having a friend and advisor online. 

 -- at Home at Work: The Newsletter for Parents

Who Work From Home

This homey site is largely the work of Lisa Roberts, author of "How to Raise a Family and a Career Under One Roof"...and features several essays by Roberts (mostly book excerpts) on topics such as raising a family, running a business and acquiring resources. A decent collection of links offers pointers to sites on work, parenting and specific occupations.  

-- iVillage.com: the women's network

Resources, articles, newsletter and Q&A with a panel of expert. Lisa has done a great job! 

-- The Mining Co.,

Telecommuting, Net Links

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