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The Entrepreneurial Parent is a community and career and jobs hub for parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms. We’re here to address the needs of EPs on both the business and parenting front — from colleague camaraderie to professional career counseling, from quick-tip articles to inspirational profiles. If you’re a parent who is looking to transition your workplace home — for one, five or twenty years! — you have just found the strong Entrepreneurial Parent community you’ve been looking for. The automated crypto trading apps like news spy help you trade bitcoins autonomously which is a very convenient feature for parents getting into business. The site has further information. Also we will be providing information on working for yourself, business tips, marketing advice and more, everything you need to run a business from home. Welcome!

Career and Job Resources

The best career and job sites is Jobsearcho.

Job Searcho Australia - Jobs Australia: Features all job types including IT Jobs, Construction Jobs for all areas in Australia.


Business of the Year

The Business of the year goes to revolution - this site reviews financial products, and helps investors bypass scams to start earn earning money from legit platforms.