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Welcome to the Family & Home Bookshelf of the EP Bookstore. At our shelf there's no need to tilt and cramp your neck reading titles - just click on the ones that interest you, then press the "Back" button to review further EP selections. Enjoy browsing our bookshelf and come back soon to see what's new!

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EP Feature Title: How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business
Author: Lisa Roberts
Published: 1997
EP Review: This book is the seed from which The Entrepreneurial Parent site grew. Selected by Home Office Computing as one of the Top 12 Business Titles of 1997, How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof belongs on every EP Bookshelf...Order your copy today!

Choose from the following titles for support in balancing work and parenthood.
EP Featured Book: The Funny Things Kids Say (Vol. 1)
Author: Grace Housholder
Date Published: 1995
EP Review: One of the greatest quirks about being an "EP" is that every now and then, childcare and work time overlap and you get to hear "the funny things kids say" when you least expect to! Turn this collection of endearing words spoken by our little ones into an official EP "reference" book, and "refer" to it whenever you need a quick pick-me-up!
A Question of Balance: Artists and Writers on Motherhood
Author: Judith Pierce Rosenberg
Date Published: 1995
EP Review: This enthralling book profiles 25 women who have successfully integrated their maternal and professional selves.
All Mothers Work: A Guilt Free Guide for the Stay at Home Mom
Author: Cindy Ramming
Published: 1996
Career Coaching Your Kids: Guiding Your Child Through the Process of Career Discovery
Author: David H. Montross, et al.
Published: 1997
Fathering & Career: Keeping a Healthy Balance
Author: David Stewart
Published: 1987
From Briefcase to Diaper Bag: How I Quit My Job, Stayed Home with My Kids, and Lived to Tell About It
Author: Katie Kelley Dorn
Date Published: 1994
EP Review: A memoir that is likely to hit home for every professional woman turned "SAHM."
Having It All, Having Enough: How to Create a Career/Family Balance That Works for You
Author: Deborah Lee
Published: 1997
Integrating Work and Family Life: The Home-Working Family
Author: Betty Beach
Published: 1989
Of Cradles and Careers: A Guide to Reshaping Your Job to Include a Baby in Your Life
Author: Kaye Lowman
Published: 1985
Author: Arlene Rossen Cardozo
Published: 1996
Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent
Authors: Darcie Sanders and Martha M. Bullen
Published: 1999
Staying Home Instead: Alternatives to the Two-Paycheck Family
Author: Christine Davidson
Published: 1992
Staying Home Instead: How to Balance Your Family Life (And Your Checkbook)
Author: Christine Davidson
Published: 1998
Surrendering to Motherhood: Losing Your Mind, Finding Your Soul
Author: Iris Krasnow
Published: 1997
Working and Caring
Author: T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Published: 1987
The Working Parent's Handbook: How to Succeed at Work, Raise Your Kids, Maintain a Home, and Still Have Time for You
Author: Katherine Murray
Published: 1995

Choose from the following titles for help during the transition to paid child care.
Child Care that Works: A Parent's Guide to Finding Quality Child Care
Author: Eva Cochran, et al.
Published: 1997
The Childcare Sourcebook: The Complete Guide to Finding and Managing Nannies, Au Pairs, Babysitters, Day Care & Nursery School
Author: Ellen O. Tauscher
Published: 1996

Choose from the following titles to find support in your parenthood and to help develop your parenting skills.
EP Featured Book: Mommy - CEO (Constantly Evaluating Others): Five Golden Rules
Author: Jodie Lynn
Published: 1997
EP Review: In this handbook of creative tips for everday parenting dilemmas, Lynn cultivates solutions from her nationally-syndicated Parent2Parent column. Topics range from the specific ("How can I get my 9-year-old with braces to floss without all the conflicts?") to the bigger issues ("What's the best way of balancing being over-scheduled?").
<A HREF="","","","25.00","WWII Aviation" "Sgarlato, Nico","USAF AIRCRAFT OF TODAY","Carrollton, Tx.","Squadron/Signal","1978","First edition","103 pages","Photos","Softcover","8 1/4 x 11 1/2","Describes all the aircraft in the USAF, from aging types now in second-line service to the most recent additions.","","","10.00","WWII Aviation" "O'Leary, Michael","B-17 FLYING FORTRESS: A Bombing Legend","London","Osprey","1992","","128 pages","Profuse coloe photos","Softcover","","Shows some of the B-17's that have been kept flying, from Shoo Shoo Baby to the Memphis Belle.","","","20.00","WWII Aviation" "Mersky, Peter","U.S. MARINE CORPS AVIATION: 1912 To the Present","South Carolina","Nautical and Aviation","1998","","383 pages","Photos","D.J.","","Tells about the pilots who made Marine Corps aviation a unique part of combat flying. From the early days over the Western","Front to the Vietnam War and into the 90's.","","35.00","Marine Corps" "McLachlan, Donald","ROOM 39: A Study in Naval Intelligence","New York","Atheneum","1968","First American","438 pages","","D.J.","","The dramatic account of what happened in Room 39 of the British Admiralty. It shows how code-breakers pitted their brains","against the enemy.","","25.00","Naval History" "Roberts, Michael L.","PATCH GUIDE: U.S. Navy Ships and Submarines","Paducah, Ky.","Turner Publishing","1992","First edition","169 pages","","","8 3/4 x 11 1/4","Shows the emblem patches for United States Navy ships from Destroyers to Frigates. All patches are in color.","","","40.00","Naval History" "Polmar, Norman and Norman Friedman","WARSHIPS: From Early Steam to Nuclear Power","London","Octopus","1981","First edition","79 pages","Photos and illus.","","9 1/2 x 12 1/2","Traces the evolution of the warship from the 1800's through World War II to today.","","","15.00","Naval History" "Rolshoven, Hans","GEEFLIEGER IN FLANDERN","Berlin","E.G. Mitler and Cohn","1937","","98 pages","Photos","","","German text.","","Ex-library copy","35.00","German Navy" "Schratz, Paul R.","SUBMARINE COMMANDER","Lexington","Univ. Press of Kentucky","1988","First edition","322 pages","Photos","D.J.","","Schratz's personal memoirs of underwater combat in World War II. He commanded many missions the Pacific while serving aboard","the USS Scorpion, Sterlet and Atule.","","25.00","Submarines" "Sasgen, Peter T.","RED SCORPION: The War Patrols of the USS Rasher","Annapolis","Naval Inst. Press","1995","","366 pages","","D.J.","","Covers all aspects of the submarine USS Rasher in the pacific. The Rasher sank 18 enemy ships and destroyed 99,901 tons of","shipping, the second highest tonnage of the war.","","30.00","Submarines" "Vines, Mike","RETURN TO RHINEBECK: Flying Vintage Aeroplanes","England","Airlife","1998","First edition","128 pages","Photos","D.J.","9 x 11","Showcases the vintage aircraft at the Rhinebeck museum in New York, one of the greatest collections of rare and vintage","aeroplanes.","","35.00","Aviation History" "Tannehill, Victor C.","001 . FIRST TACAF: First Tactical Air Force in World War II","Arvada, Ca.","Boomerang Publ.","1998","First edition","156 pages","Profuse photos","Softcover","8 1/2 x 11","The First TACAF served during the last 8 months of WWII in Europe. American & French airmen served together to provide air","support for the Franco-American Sixth Army in the ETO.","","39.95","WWII Aviation" "Potter, E.B.","NIMITZ","Annapolis","Naval Inst. Press","1985","","507 pages","Maps","D.J.","7 x 10 1/4","A complete biography of Admiral Nimitz, covering his childhood, his experience at the U.S. Naval Academy, his life as a husband","and father and his appoitment to Chief of Naval Operations.","New copy available, in print priced at.......... $ 36.95","30.00","Naval History" "Mueller, Joseph N.","GUADALCANAL 1942: The Marines Strike Back","Great Britain","Osprey","1997","Reprint ed.","96 pages","Photos and Illustrations","","","Guadalcanal was the first amphibious counteroffensive of World War II. Account of the brutal fighting that lasted for 6 months","before the Japanese were defeated by the Marine Corps.","","20.00","Marine Corps" "Skulski, Janusz","THE HEAVY CRUISER TAKAO","Annapolis","Naval Inst. Press","1994","","256 pages","Photographs and diagrams","D.J.","10 1/4 x 9 1/2","Provides comprehensive documentation of the cruiser Takao with 3 view drawings, service history, technical details, external","appearance right down to its nuts and bolts.","","40.00","Japan at War" "Lamont-Brown, Raymond","KEMPEITAI: Japan's Dreaded Military Police","London","Sutton Publ.","1998","First edition","182 pages","Photos","D.J.","","Account of the Kempeitai, Japan's secret militry police and counter-espionage service in WWII. Their recruitment, training","philosophy with first-hand accounts from members and victims.","","35.00","Japan at War" "Lacroix, Eric and Linton Wells II","JAPANESE CRUISERS OF THE PACIFIC WAR","Annapolis","Naval Inst. Press","1997","First edition","882 pages","Photos and diagrams","D.J.","8 3/4 x 11 1/4","A massive work that provides a complete history if the 18 'heavy' and twenty-seven 'light' cruisers that saw combat.","Detailed account of the planning, design & construction of each.","","75.00","Japan at War" "Norton, Major Bruce H. 'Doc.' and Sergeant Major Maurice J. Jacques","SERGEANT MAJOR, U.S. MARINES: The Biography of Sergeant Major Maurice J. Jacques, USMC","New York","Ivy Books","1995","First edition","352 pages","Photos","D.J.","","Jacques enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1948 and served in Korea, spent 40 months in combat with Force Recon in Vietnam.","He recounts the lessons learned in combat from Korea to Vietnam.","","25.00","Marine Corps" "Meredith, Joseph C.","A HANDFUL OF EMERALDS: On Patrol with the Hanna in the Postwar Pacific","Annapolis","Naval Inst. Press","1995","","216 pages","Photos","D.J.","","Meredith saw extensive battle action in the Pacific during World War II. He returned to the western Pacific as captain of","the destroyer escort Hanna and writes of his voyages.","","33.00","Naval History" "Rottman, Gordon and Mike Chappell","US MARINE CORPS 1941-45","London","Osprey","1998","","64 pages","Photos and illustrations","","","Account of Marine Corps operations in World War II as well as a look at their uniforms and insignia's.","","","20.00","Marine Corps" "Mahan, A.T.","THE INFLUENCE OF SEAPOWER UPON HISTORY 1660-1783","New York","Hill and Wang","1968","","495 pages","","Softcover","","Based on a series of lectures by Admiral Mahan in 1886 to a group of naval officers, it gives a history of naval warfare and","a profound treatise on international politics.","","10.00","Naval History" "Norton-Taylor, Duncan","WITH MY HEART IN MY MOUTH","New York","Coward-McCann, Inc.","1944","First edition","167 pages","","","","The author served as a war correspondent in the Southwest Pacific.","","","20.00","Marine Corps" "Miller, John, editor","VOICES AGAINST TYRANNY: Writings of the Spanish Civil War. Anthology.","New York","Scribner's","1986","First edition","227 pages","","D.J.","","Writings by Auden, Malraux, Hemingway, Parker, Mann, Picasso, St. Exupery, Dreiser, Steinbeck, Orwell, Lorca etal.","","fine","15.00","Spanish Civil War" "Stansky, Peter and William Abrahams","JOURNEY TO THE FRONTIER: TWO ROADS TO THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR","Boston","Little, Brown","1966","First edition","430 pages","ph245272/theentrepreneuri">101 Ways to Tell Your Child I Love You
Author: Vicki Lansky
A Parenting Manual: Heart Hope for the Family
Author: Doc Lew Childre
Published: 1995
EP Review: Written from his heart to ours, Dr. Childre offers parenting techniques that put both adults and children in touch with their "heart intelligence" through which peace, respect and trust develop and grow.
Active Parenting Today, Parent's Guide: For Parents of 2-12 Year Olds
Author: Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.
Published: 1993
Between Mothers and Sons: The Making of Vital and Loving Men
Author: Evelyn S. Bassoff, Ph.D.
Published: 1995
EP Review: As the mother of three sons, I found this book particularly insightful in exploring the unique role both parents play in their sons' lives.
The Father's Almanac
Author: Adams Sullivan
Published: 1992
For the Love of Children
Author: Eva Shaw
Published: 1998
Kid Culture: Children & Adults & Popular Culture
Author: Kathleen McDonnell
Published: 1994
EP Review: This is a "read and wonder" book that helps parents understand their chidren better by exploring the pop culture of kids.
The First Twelve Months of Life
Authors: Frank and Theresa Caplan
Published: 1995
Growing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children
Authors: Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson
Published: 1989
How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
Authors: Adele Fauer and Elaine Mazlish
Published: 1992
Learning to Play, Playing to Learn: Games & Activities to Teach Sharing, Caring and Compromise
Author: Spencer Gorin
Published: 1998
The Magic Years: Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early Childhood
Author: Selma H. Fraiberg
Published: 1996
EP Review: This classic in early childhood psychology guides the reader through the minds of children from birth to six years of age.
Mothers and Daughters: Loving and Letting Go
Author: Evelyn S. Bassoff, Ph.D.
Published: 1989
The New Father Book: What Every Man Needs to Know to Be A Good Dad
Author: Wade F. Horn
Published: 1998
Oneness & Separateness: From Infant to Individual
Author: Louis J. Kaplan, Ph.D.
Published: 1980
EP Review: A fascinating work that follows the psychological well-being of infants in the first three years of life. Important understanding of mother-infant bonding.
Parenting by Heart: How to Be in Charge, Stay Connected, and Instill Your Values, When It Feels Like You've Got Only 15 Minutes A Day
Authors: Dr. Ron Taffel with Melinda Blau
Published: 1993
The Parents' Resource Almanac
Author: Beth DeFrancis
Published: 1994
EP Review: A comprehensive annotated reference guide to parenting resources.
Practical Parenting Tips: Over 1,500 Helpful Hints for the First Five Years
Author: Vicki Lansky
Published: 1992
Raising A Thinking Child: Help Your Young Child to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along With Others
Authors: Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D. with Theresa Foy DiGeronimo, M.Ed.
Published: 1994
Raising Kids With Just A Little Cash
Author: Lisa Reid
Published: 1996
EP Review: With the intent of cutting living costs, this book is full of activities, games and projects that promote intimacy and cooperation between parent and child.
Siblings Without Rivalry: How To Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too
Authors: Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Published: 1988
Stop Struggling With Your Child
Authors: Evonne Weinhaus and Karen Friedman
Published: 1991
EP Review: Quick-tip discipline techniques.
Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five
Author: Penelope Leach
Published: 1997
Your Second Mattress Will Last Forever
Author: Bill Corbin
Published: 1996

Choose from the following titles to grow together as a family unit.
EP Featured Book: Gift From the Sea
Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Published: 1983
EP Review: This classic meditation on balancing family and personal needs is artfully written and an experience to read. Like a week on the beach (which is how it was written), it's refreshing and rejuvenating...and timeless...
A Family of Value
Author: John Rusemond
Published: 1995
The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self
Author: Linda Dobson
Published: 1995
Golden Rules: The Ten Ethical Values Parents Need to Teach Their Children
Author: Wayne Dosick
Published: 1995
Grandparent Power: How to Strengthen the Vital Connection Among Grandparents, Parents and Children
Author: Arthur Kornhaber
Published: 1995
Home School Manual: Plans, Pointers, Reasons and Resources
Author: Ted Wade.
Published: 1996
Home Schooling From Scratch: Single Living - Super Learning
Author: Mary Kenyon
Published: 1996
How To Run A Family Business
Authors: Michael Friedmand and Scott Friedman
Published: 1994
Family Communication: The Essential Rules for Improving Communication and Making Your Relationships More Loving, Supportive and Enriching
Author: Sven Wahlrous, Ph.D.
Published: 1995
Family Rules: Raising Responsible Children
Author: Kenneth Kaye, Ph.D.
Published: 1984
Intimate Worlds: Life Inside the Family
Author: Maggie Scarf
Published: 1995
Liberated Parents, Liberated Children: Your Guide to a Happier Family
Authors: Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Published: 1990
Living Out Loud
Author: Anna Quindlen
Published: 1988
EP Review: This collection of the author's "Life in the 30's" syndicated column is delightful and thought-provoking reading for parents working through life's "thirtysomething" issues.
Self-Esteem: A Family Affair
Author: Jean Illsley Clarke
Published: 1978
EP Review: Although lists this book as out of print, it's worth putting them on a search for it. Clear, practical and inspiring solutions on how to build self-esteem as an individual and as a family unit.

Choose from the following titles to enhance your marital communication.
EP Featured Book: Honey, I Want to Start My Own Business: A Planning Guide for Couples
Author: Azriela Jaffe
Published: 1996
EP Review: This book is a gift to you and your spouse...use the hands-on guidelines, exercises, personal experience and expert quotes to learn how to live with (and love!) an entrepreneurial spouse.
Genderspeak: Men, Women and the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense
Author: Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D.
Published: 1993
The Good Marriage: How and Why Love Lasts
Authors: Judith S. Wallerstein and Sanrda Blakeslee
Published: 1995
EP Review: Author followed 50 happily married couples to find out what a good marriage is all about.
The Home Team: How Couples Can Make A Life and A Living Working at Home
<FONT COLOR="#000080" SIZE="-1" FACE="Ari.","mint","20.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Scutts, Jerry","008 . B-26 MARAUDER UNITS OF THE EIGHTH AND NINTH AIR FORCES","United Kingdom","Osprey","1997","First edition","96 pages","photographs, profiles","softcover","7 x 9 1/2","34 color profiles, 2 pages of color uniforms. Osprey Combat Aircraft No. 2","","mint","18.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Scutts, Jerry","008 . LION IN THE SKY: U.S. 8th Air Force Fighter Operations 1942-45.","Wellingborough","Patrick Stephens","1987","First edition","152 pages","Photographs","D.J.","","First hand combat accounts.","","","25.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Perry, Richard H., etal editors","390 . THE 390th BOMB GROUP ANTHOLOGY Vol.2","Tucson","390th Memorial Museum","1985","First edition","326 pages","Photographs","D.J.","","Collection of personal narratives by members of the 390th Bomb Group Assn. B-17 unit flew 301 missions with the 8th A.F.","","","45.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Reynolds, George","492 . ETO CARPETBAGGERS","Gulf Breeze,Fla.","Author","1987","","24 pages","photographs","card cover","8 1/2 x 11","Short account of 492nd Bomb Group; missions supplying Resistance groups.","","fine","10.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Peets, Eleanor","USAF HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES: A SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY","Maxwell AFB","Office of AF History","1976","","18 pages","","softcover","8 1/2 x 11","Valuable guide to books on the subject.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Rey, Maria Del, Sister","HER NAME IS MERCY","New York","Scribner's Sons","1957","First edition","184 pages","Photos","D.J.","","The story of Sister Mary Mercy and her medical work under frightful post-war conditions in Korea.","","","20.00","Women at War" "Zemke, Col. Hub, as told to Roger A. Freeman","056 . ZEMKE'S WOLF PACK: THE STORY OF HUB ZEMKE AND THE 56TH FIGHTER GROUP IN THE SKIES OVER EUROPE","New York","Orion","1988","First edition","256 pages","Photographs","D.J.","","","","","30.00","Av. Unit Histories" "Martin, Jo Nobuko","A PRINCESS LILY OF THE RYUKYUS","Japan","Shin Nippon Kyoike Tosho Co.","1984","First edition","382 pages","Drawings","D.J.","","The author's personal account of her experiences in World War II on Okinawa.","","Good","25.00","Women at War" "Mannin, Ethel","WOMEN AND THE REVOLUTION","New York","Dutton Co.","1939","First edition","314 pages","","","","Women's Struggle in revolution throughout time.","","","25.00","Women at War" "Mackersey, Ian","JEAN BATTEN: THE GARBO OF THE SKIES","London","Macdonald","1990","","465 pages","Photos","Softcover","","The story of Jean Batten from her memoirs and interviews from the people who knew her.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Lovell, Mary S.","STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING: THE BIOGRAPHY OF BERYL MARKHAM","New York","St. Martin's Press","1987","","389 pages","Photos","D.J.","","","","","20.00","Women at War" "Mitchell, David","MONSTROUS REGIMENT","New York","Macmillan Co.","1965","First edition","400 pages","Photos","D.J.","","The story of the women of the First World War; in the factories, in the services as nurses and spies.","","( Another copy, no dust jacket, else good....... $ 15.00 )","20.00","Women at War" "Mckenna, Marthe","I WAS A SPY!","New York","Burt Co.","1933","First edition","288 pages","Photos","","","Account of Marth McKenna who worked as a spy behind German lines in World War I sending vital information to the British","Intelligence authorities.","","15.00","Women at War" "May, Antoinette","WITNESS TO WAR: A BIOGRAPHY OF MARGUERITE HIGGINS","New York","Beaufort Books","1983","First edition","274 pages","Photos","D.J.","","","","","20.00","Women at War" "May, Antoinette","WITNESS TO WAR","New York","Penguin Books","1983","Softcover","274 pages","Photos","","","A biography of Marguerite Higgins, the legendary Pulitzer prize winning war correspondent.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Massey-Higgins, Patricia","THEY SPEED THE EAGLES","Sydney","F.H. Johnston","N.D.","","88 pages","Photos","","","The story of the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force.","","Cover slightly worn else good","35.00","Women at War" "Russcol, Herbert & Banai, Margalit","THE FIRST MILLION SABRAS","New York","Hart Publ. Co.","1979","First edition","237 pages","","Softcover","","A full-length study of the sabra, a native born Israeli. The came to light with their victory in the Six Day War in 1967.","","","10.00","Women at War" "Rollyson, Carl","NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO THE BRAVE","New York","St. Martins Press","1990","First edition","398 pages","Photos","D.J.","","The story of Martha Gellhorn, America's most glamerous and courageous war correspondent.","","","20.00","Women at War" "Robinson, Georgette","GREEN AVALANCHE","England","Pythagorean Publ.","1960","First edition","221 pages","","","","The story of an English girl's adventure as a combattant in the French Resistance Movement in WWII.","","","45.00","Women at War" "Pollock, Elizabeth R.","YES MA'AM","Philadelphia","Lippincott Co.","1943","First edition","172 pages","Drawings","","","Memoirs of a WWII WAAC.","","Good","20.00","Women at War" "Pettit, Charles","THE WOMAN WHO COMMANDED 500,000,000 MEN","New York","Horace Liveright","1929","First edition","319 pages","","D.J.","","A novel based on the life of the famous Dowager Empress of China - one of the most amazing women of all time.","","","20.00","Women at War" "Tickell, Jerrard","ODETTE: THE STORY OF A BRITISH AGENT","London","Chapman & Hall","1952","","334 pages","Photos","D.J.","","The Biography of Odette Sansom who undertook one of the most dangerous jobs of modern war.","","Chip missing from d.j. at top of spine","20.00","Women at War" "Settle, Mary Lee","ALL THE BRAVE PROMISES","New York","Delacorte","1966","First edition","176 pages","","D.J.","","The author's memoirs of aircraft women 2nd class 2146391 and her recollections of the RAF in WWII.","","( Another copy, no dust jacket, else good....... $ 30.00 )","35.00","Women at War" "Settle, Mary Lee","ALL THE BRAVE PROMISES","New York","Scribner Son's","1988","Reprint ed.","153 pages","","Softcover","","Recollections of a British woman in the RAF, WWII.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Schneider, Dorothy & Carl J.","INTO THE BREACH","New York","Viking","1991","First edition","368 pages","Photos","D.J.","","American women overseas in World War I and the roles they played; doctors, nurses, pilots, photographers, journalists,","entertainers, etc. The full story for the first time.","","20.00","Women at War" "Winsloe, Christa","GIRLS IN UNIFORM","Boston","Little, Brown","1936","","130 pages","","","","A play in three acts, adapted from the German play Gestern Und Heute.","","Ex-libris stamp inside cover","20.00","Women at War" "Waren, Helen","THE BURIED ARE SCREAMING","New York","Beechhurst Press","1948","First edition","186 pages","","D.J.","","The personal account of the author's experience in the underground army to helps Jews get to Palestine.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Zorbaugh, Grace","FIRST TO REACH, FOREMOST TO SERVE","","N.P.","1964","","circa 75 pages","","Softcover","","The story of the British-American Young Women's Christian Association in World War I.","","","15.00","Women at War" "Schroeder, Frederick A.","022 . DUCEMUS - WE LEAD, 22ND BOMB GROUP, B 25S AND B 26S AT WAR OVER NEW GUINEA AND THE OTHER ISLANDS","Daytona Beach","Hart","1985","First edition","268 pages","photographs","softcover","6 x 9","","","","20.00","al">Authors: Scott Gregory and Shirley Siluk Gregory
Published: 1998
EP Review: This book equips couples with all the practical guidance and light-hearted humor they'll need to make this work-life option a "home run"!
How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
Published: 1997
How To Work With The One You Love and Live to Tell About It
Authors: Cameron and Donna Partow
Published: 1995
EP Review: From settling on salaries to dividing management duties, this book reveals the traps you could fall into and explains how to avoid them.
Love Between Equals: How Peer Marriage Really Works
Author: Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.
Published: 1995
Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationships
Author: Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D.
Published: 1984
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
Author: John Gray, Ph.D.
Published: 1993
Now That I'm Married, Why Isn't Everything Perfect? The 8 Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive
Author: Susan Page
Published: 1984
Partners at Work and at Home: How Couples Can Build a Successful Business Together Without Killing Each Other
Authors: Annette O'Shea-Roche and Sieglinde Malmberg
Published: 1994
Please Understand Me: Character & Temperament Types
Authors: David Kiersey and Marilyn Bates
Published: 1984
EP Review: For some readers, this uncanny book can feel like someone has looked into your soul and said, "Don't worry, you're OK"; for others, it does nothing for them. Worth reading either way, especially if you "just don't get it" when it comes to certain spousal issues.
That's Not What I Meant! How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships
Author: Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.
Published: 1986
Who's on Top, Who's on Bottom: How Couples Can Learn to Share Power
Author: Dr. Robert Schwebel
Published: 1994
EP Review: Author follows 11 couples and advises on how partners can diffuse power struggles.
You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation
Author: Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.
Published: 1990

Choose from the following titles to help organize your household (and yourself!).
EP Featured Book: Confessions of an Organized Homemaker: The Secrets of Uncluttering Your Home & Taking Control of Your Life
Author: Deniece Shofield
Published: 1994
EP Review: Let's face it, if you can't get your household under control, you're going to have a hard time at the helm in your home office! Give yourself (or your favorite EP!) this gift of a book, and get on with your life!! :-)
2-Ingredient Cook Book
Author: Adeline Rosemire
Published: 1996
EP Review: It doesn't have to take much to whip up some home cooking for the kids...
4-Ingredient Cookbook
Authors: Marilyn Miech, et al.
Published: 1987
EP Review: Ditto!
Bonnie's Household Organizer: The Essential Guide for Getting Control of Your Home
Author: Bonnie Runyan McCullough
Published: 1983
Confessions of a Happily Organized Family
Author: Deniece Schofield
Published: 1984
Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate
Author: Elizabeth Pantley
Published: 1996
Mary Ellen's Greatest Hints
Author: Mary Ellen Pinkham
Published: 1990
More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open Hearth to the Microwave
Author: Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Published: 1985
Organize Your Family! Single Routines That Work for You & Your Kids
Author: Ronni Eisenberg
Published: 1993
Organize Your Home: Simple Routines for Managing Your Household
Authors: Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly
Published: 1984
Streamlining Your Life: A 5-Point Plan for Uncomplicated Living
Author: Stephanie Culp
Published: 1991
Working Family's Cookbook
Author: Irena Chalmers
Published: 1990
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