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Welcome to the Business Start-up Bookshelf of the EP Bookstore! At our shelf there's no need to tilt and cramp your neck reading titles just click on the ones that interest you, then press the "Back" button to review further EP selections. Enjoy browsing our bookshelf and come back soon to see what's new!

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EP Feature Title: How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business
Author: Lisa Roberts
Published: 1997
EP Review: This book is the seed from which The Entrepreneurial Parent site grew. Selected by Home Office Computing as one of the Top 12 Business Titles of 1997, How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof belongs on every EP Bookshelf...Order your copy today!

Choose from the following titles to settle on your home business.
EP Featured Book: The Best Home Businesses for the 90's: The Inside Information You Need to Know to Select a Home-Based Business That's Right For You
Authors: Paul and Sarah Edwards
Published: 1995
EP Review: Having trouble deciding which business is right for you? In this book the Edwards, our "Home Career Selection Experts," offer specific ideas on selecting a profitable business for the 90's.
80+ Great Ideas for Making Money at Home: A guide for the First-Time Entrepreneur
Author: Erica Barkemeyer
Date Published: 1993
101 Best Home Businesses for Women
Author: Priscilla Y. Huff
Date Published: 1995
More 101 Best Home Businesses for Women
Author: Priscilla Y. Huff
Date Published: 1995
199 Home Businesses You Can Start (and Succeed in for Under $1000)
Author: Tyler Gregory Hicks
Date Published: 1992
The Ideal Entrepreneurial Business For You
Authors: Glenn Desmond and Monica Faulkner
Date Published: 1995

Choose from the following titles to launch your home business.
EP Featured Book: Homemade Money: How to Select, Start, Manage, Market and Multiply the Profits of a Business at Home
Author: Barbara Brabec
Published: 1997
EP Review: This all-purpose, handsomely-designed guide to running a business from home covers just about everything; in fact, it has an A-Z "crash" business course as a subsection. Honest, clear, good-natured, reliable and thorough...very well done!
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting Your Own Business
Authors: Edward Paulson with Marcia Layton
Published: 1995
Diary of a Small Business Owner: A Personal Account of How I Built a Profitable Business
Author: Anita F. Brattina
Published: 1996
The Home Office and Small Business Answer Book
Author: Janet Attard
Published: 1993
EP Review: This useful and direct question-and-answer book will clear up just about any initial question a beginning entrepreneur may have. Simple, friendly format.
How to Start a Service Business
Authors: Ben Chant and Melissa Morgan
Published: 1994
The McGraw-Hill Guide to Starting Your Own Business: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for the First-Time Entrepreneur
Author: Stephen C. Harper
Published: 1992
The Small Business Start-Up Guide: Practical Advice on Selecting, Starting and Operating A Small Business
Author: Robert Sullivan
Published: 1996
Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, and Stay Out of Trouble
Author: Bernard Kamoroff, CPA
Published: 1997
Start and Run A Profitable Consulting Business: A Step-by-Step Business Plan
Author: Douglas A. Gray
Published: 1995
Ten-Day MBA: A Step-by-Step Guide to Matering the Skills Taught in America's Top Business Schools
Author: Steven Silbiger
Published: 1993

Choose from the following titles to explore specific home business options. NOTE: Writing/Publishing Home Businesses in Next Section!
EP Featured Book: So You Want to Open a Profitable Day Care Center?
Author: Patricia C. Gallagher
Published: 1994
EP Review: Written by a quintessential "EP," this creative and good-natured guide to running a home day care business is grounded in experience and realistic expectations. Plus, if you happen to live in the suburbs, the market demand for this biz is quite high!
The "Business" of Sewing: How to Start, Maintain and Achieve Success
Author: Barbara Wright Sykes
Published: 1992
Career Success with Pets
Author: Kim Barber
Published: 1996
The Complete Direct Marketing Sourcebook
Author: John Kremer
Published: 1992
Creative Cash: How to Profit from Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills and Related Know-How
Author: Barbara Brabec
Published: 1998
Herbs for Sale: Growing & Marketing Herbs, Herbal Products and Herbal Knowledge
Author: Lee Sturdivant
Published: 1994
Home-Based Travel Agent: How to Cash in on the Exciting New World of Travel Marketing
Author: Kelly Monaghan
Published: 1997
How to Make it Big in the Seminar Business
Author: Paul Karasik
Published: 1995
How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business
Author: Denise Vivaldo
Published: 1996
How to Start a Home-Based Mail Order Business
Author: Georganne Fiumara
Published: 1996
How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business
Author: Keml Oberrecht
Published: 1996
How to Start a Home-Based Secretarial Services Business
Author: Jan Melnik
Published: 1997
Infopreneurs: Turning Data Into Dollars
Author: H. Skip Weitzen
Published: 1991
The Inventor's Marketing Handbook: A Complete Guide to Selling & Promoting Your Invention
Author: Reece A. Franklin
Published: 1989
Making Money in a Health Service Business on Your Home-Based PC
Author: Rick Benzel
Published: 1997
Making Money Teaching Music
Authors: David R. and Barbara Spraque Newsam
Published: 1995
Start and Run a Profitable Mail Order Business
Author: Robert Bly
Published: 1997
Take This Job & Sell It! The Recruiter's Handbook
Author: Richard Mackie
Published: 1994
Teaching Natural Birth: Deciding to Teach and Establishing Your Own Successful Business
Author: Jan H. Whitcomb
Published: 1994
Choose from the following titles when writing marketing material for your business or if you run a home-based writing/independent publishing business.
EP Featured Book: How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business
Author: Lucy Parker
Published: 1997
EP Review: This home-based business resource is written by a writer-turned-DTPer for others who want to combine the two professions into one full service.
Career Opportunities for Writers
Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Published: 1996
The Copy Workshop Workbook
Author: Bruce Bendinger
Published: 1993
EP Review: An advertising copywriter's companion; keep this idea-generating book by your side whether you sell this service or you want to create copy for your own business.
The Copywriter's Handbook
Author: Robert W. Bly
Published: 1990
EP Review: Here the basics of writing effective advertising copy are covered in detail.
For All the WRITE Reasons 40 Successful Authors, Publishers, Agents and Writers Tell You How to Get Your Book Published
Author: Compiled by Patricia C. Gallagher
Published: 1992
EP Review: If you have a hard time obtaining this title through, try your local library. It's THAT good! :-)
How to Get Happily Published: A Complete and Candid Guide (5th Edition)
Author: Judith Appelbaum
Published: 1991
How to Start a Home-Based Communications Business
Author: Louann Nagy Werksma
Published: 1995
The Prepublishing Handbook: What You Should Know Before You Publish Your First Book
Author: Patricia J. Bell
Published: 1992
Making $$$ at Home: Over 1000 Editors Who Want Your Ideas, Know-How & Experience
Author: Darla Sims
Published: 1996
Making Money Writing Newsletters
Author: Elaine Floyd
Published: 1994
Persuading on Paper
Author: Marcia Yudkin
Published: 1996
Power Freelancing: Home-Based Careers for Writers, Designers and Consultants
Author: George Sorenson
Published: 1995
Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $85,000 A Year
Author: Robert W. Bly
Published: 1997
The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book
Author: Dan Poynter
Published: 1997
Writing for Money
Author: Loriann Hoff Oberlin
Published: 1994
Choose from the following titles if you design your own marketing material or if you run a home-based graphic design or desktop publishing business.
EP Featured Book: Looking Good in Print
Author: Roger C. Parker
Published: 1998
EP Review: This design companion for desktop publishers is standard in the industry and offers a valuable foundation in effective graphic design techniques.
The Basic Elements of Typographic Style
Author: Robert Bringhurst
Published: 1998
The Designer's Commonsense Business Book
Author: Barbara Ganim
Published: 1995
Desktop Publishing by Design: Everyone's Guide to Pagemaker 6
Authors: Ronnie Shushan and Down Wright
Published: 1991
Desktop Publishing: Dollars & Sense
Author: Scott R. Anderson
Published: 1992
EP Review: This "nuts & bolts" guide to running a DTP service focuses on business rather than technical issues and offers some interesting insights from those already in practice.
Letterhead & Logo Design 3:, Creating the Corporate Image
Authors: Editors at Rockport Publishers
Published: 1998
EP Review: This showcase of professionally designed corporate identity programs stimulates the creative skills of both novice and experienced graphic designers alike.
One Minute Designer
Author: Roger C. Parker
Published: 1997
EP Review: For designers in a time crunch, this book offers over 200 quick, effective, hands-on tips that stick in your mind without draining your time.
Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works
Authors: Erik Spiekman and E.M. Giner
Published: 1993
Type and Layout: How Typography and Design Can Get Your Message Across, or Get in the Way
Author: Colin Wheildon
Published: 1995
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