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March 22, 2000


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The Funny Things EP Kids Say & Do!
What's It Worth? -- "Charitable Donations"
EP Expert Q&As -- Photo Restoration Home Biz
Member to Member Q&A -- Inexpensive Advertising
What's Happening at EP
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MORE Funny Things EP Kids Say & Do!

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Submitted by EPnews Subscriber, Gretchen Malik
(mailto:[email protected]):

My six-year old son is quite a character. While working on a current
assignment, my oldest daughter and her girlfriend were sitting in my
living room talking. As my daughter's friend prepared to leave, my
son approached her. Smiling and winking his eye at her, he handed her
a phone card and said, "Call me."

Why work at home? So you can hear the funny things your EP Kids say
throughout the day. Share with the EP Community something your child said
or did recently that made you smirk, giggle, or LOL. Send your submission
via e-mail to:[email protected]. And if you need a stockpile of smiles
to get you through your EP day, pick up your own heartwarming copy of Grace
Housholder's "The Funny Things Kids Say":

On those stressed-out EP days, you'll be glad you did!

Jim Wiederhold, Wiederhold & Associates, Inc.

In February we kicked off a monthly feature that highlights the
achievements of one of our newly registered members. Selecting from our new
member forms, we take a look at business names, niche markets, special PR or advertising techniques, innovative products or services, and other types of
unique business practices.

This month we chose Jim Wiederhold, an EP Dad to two children (ages 13 and
17) and owner of Wierhold & Associates, Inc. We love his special niche -- as
a "headhunter" for the healthcare industry -- and the fact that his company
has grown 50% each year since inception. But what we respect most about Jim
is his commitment to children's charities, to which he donates 5% of his
company's annual revenue. He also works in the summer with Camp Sunshine, and he will be in training this month to work with children in Hospice. Now
that's one special EP Dad...

As an advocate of children, Jim is right in tune to our mission of
responsible parenthood here at The Entrepreneurial Parent, and we're very
pleased to have him as a member of our EP Community.

<begin round of applause>

Please welcome Jim by viewing his Profile Page at:

and/or sending him a welcome message at:
mailto:[email protected]

</end round of applause>

To All -- Please Note: We offer our selected EPs a FREE Profile Page at the
EP Showcase and a link from our home page all month, so spread the word among your friends and let's build the EP Community together!

"Charitable Alternatives"
by deB Sechrist

Tax preparation time is a good time to review your annual charitable
donations and plan the budget for next year. I usually plan to
reserve a certain percentage of our household income for deductible
donations, and a similar amount for non-deductible gifts. But if your
budget is a bit tight to afford all you'd like to give, here are some
great ideas to help others.These may not be deductible, but are
invaluable to the recipients just the same.

Tired of that long hair? Thinking of cutting it short for the
upcoming summer months? Donate your tresses to Locks of Love, a
non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially
disadvantaged children across the U.S. under age 18 suffering from
long-term medical hair loss. For more information, email
[email protected], visit their website at http:
, or call for toll free info at 1-888-896-1588.

Buy your office supplies online at Online Office and
they will donate 5% of your purchase to Mothers' Voices, the only
national, grassroots, non-profit organization mobilizing mothers as
educators and advocates for improved HIV prevention, expanded
research, better medical treatment and ultimately, a cure for AIDS.
For more information visitMothers' Voices at
or Online Office Supplies at <http://www.onlineoff

Check with your local grocery store(s) for information about donating
a percentage of your grocery bill to local schools and community
programs. You may also find this information in your children's
school newsletters. Discount retailers such as Target, KMart and
WalMart have similar programs as well.

Expecting a baby? Consider donating your umbilical cord blood. The
blood is removed from the placenta after it is birthed, saved and
frozen to be used to treat leukemia, cancer and some immune
deficiency diseases in children. It is also free to the donor. For
more information, visit the US Center for Cord Blood website at

Tell your family you'd like to be an organ donor, and ask that it be
noted on your drivers license the next time you renew. For more
information about organ donation, visit TransWeb, a nonprofit
educational Internet resource at

deB Sechrist is the mother of three, Webmanager of The
Entrepreneurial Parent, LLC and owner of deBweB, a web design
business. Find out more about deB at http://www.en


Have a question? Our EP Expert Panel is available to all EPnews
Subscribers. Visit them at <>. If
your question isn't already answered on our site, then send it in to:
[email protected]. They'll be glad to help you out if they can!

Q. Hi Terri,

I am trying to start a photo restoration and enhancement business out
of my home. I tried it on my wedding pictures as a joke and since
then, family and friends have been giving me more and more pictures
to restore and manipulate. They're even recommending me to other
people and I've had to price my work (though I don't really think I'm
profiting from it). I'm also going for my BA in Graphic Design. I
need about two years to graduate.

My husband thinks it would be a good idea for my brother-in-law (a
graphic designer working at home) and I to become partners and open a
location together in about 3 years.

Never in my life have I enjoyed my work like I do this and I want to
make it legitimate. I'd really appreciate your advice on both ideas.
Thank you. Alicia

A. Alicia, congratulations on finding work you love to do that has
the potential to turn into a profitable business. Finding both these
ingredients -- the passion and the profit potential -- is often the
biggest stumbling block for many people who want to launch a business.

I'd keep doing as much of this work as your other commitments will
allow. It will build your skill level, and teach you what customers
like and want. Listen carefully to what they tell you -- it may lead
to additional services your fledgling company can offer.

Pricing is often tricky for new entrepreneurs. It's a balance between
what you need to cover costs and make a profit as well as what the
market will bear. Check out the sections of my books "Working Solo"
and "Smart Strategies for Growing Your Business" on pricing -- I
cover things you need to consider in much greater detail. Also, keep
track of what your expenses are, and how much time you're spending on
each job. Over time, you'll get a better idea of what to charge,
based on your expenses, your time, the competition, and what
customers are willing to pay.

As for a future business with your brother-in-law, it's premature to
say how this may develop. Three years is a long time, particularly
with anything involving technology, as this does to some extent. Some
people find they work better on their own; others like to team up. It
depends on your own personal work style, and how big you want to grow
the business.

For now, it's OK to have modest goals and to keep expanding your
entrepreneurial dreams as your skills and experience grows. Over
time, you'll find what works best for you, and it will become clear
what makes sense for you as an entrepreneur. But at this point,
congratulate yourself on making a fine start. You're on your way to a
great adventure in business.

Terri Lonier was our EP Start-Up Expert from Sept. 1998 to Jan.,
2000, during which time she contributed to a Q&A page rich with sound
advice for EPs just starting out. Visit her EP Q&A page for more, at Terri is the author of the
award-winning Working Solo product line, and owner of Working Solo,
Inc. at You can learn more about Terri


Last month EP Forum Moderator, Jeralynn Burke, asked fellow members
about inexpensive advertising methods that have worked (or not
worked) for other EPs. Here are a couple responses:

"I've written articles showcasing my PR knowledge and submitted them
to newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. I've received 95% of my
clients just from this great PR tactic."

Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Womens News Bureau
[email protected]

"I have advertised for over a year now in a small specialty
newspaper. When I first started advertising, I mainly targeted a free
session (I am a personal and business coach) and got lots of
response. My number of calls have since slowed down, but I get more
quality calls now. I also list my web site address now which I did
not have before.

"If you're going to do advertising my advice would be to do it for
the long haul. Find a publication that gets high exposure and the
readers would be part of your niche. Just advertising once or twice
may not pay off for you, but give it more time. My ads have brought
me business and contacts that I wouldn't have been able to get on my

Wishing you much success!"

Robin R. Wilson
Professional Coach

[email protected]

This month Jeralynn writes:

"Dear Fellow EPs,

Are you a seasoned veteran in Entrepreneurial Parenthood, a
first-time parent contemplating ways to work and stay at home with
your children, or somewhere else or in between? What are your biggest
challenges at the particular stage you are in?

It would be great to get some exchange going between those of us in
different levels so that we can share and learn from each other's

Let's discuss!

Write to: [email protected]
OR post your ideas at:

Thank you!"


EP Gift Basket Contest:

Only a few days left to enter the February/March EP Contest! Win an
EP Gift Basket full of your choices of goods and services totalling
$100. To enter, answer the survey question at
Good Luck!

EP of the Month:

By searching through the new member forms we've processed throughout
March, we'll be selecting our next "EP of the Month" by this weekend.
If you have friends, ezine subscribers, other discussion group
cybercolleagues or visitors to your own site that you think would
like to be considered, feel free to remind them them to register as a
Member of EP (it's FREE) in the next few days! They can do so at:

Thank you!


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Submitted by EPnews Subscriber, [email protected]:

My four year old son is never at a loss for words. He wanted to know
why his friend has two daddys. I explained that one is his
step-father. He then wanted to know if he was called a "step-father"
because he steps all over the place?


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