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Articles by EP Experts:
Business Marketing Advice by Silvana Clark
When Your Imagination Reaches Out to Touch Someone
When it comes to marketing your home business, your imagination can be your lucky charm. Read how others have used their creativity (and not their money!) to leave a lasting impression, and then exercise your brainstorming muscles!
Web Marketing Advice by Joe Spataro
Shoestring Marketing: Ten Steps to a Successful Internet Business on a Budget
Is your web site pulling in the kind of traffic you hope for? If not, take a few steps in the right direction.
Tax Advice by Jan Zobel, EA
What If You Can't Pay Your Taxes?
Even if you don't have the money to pay your taxes, file your return on time. The penalty for not filing your tax return on time is 5% a month, whereas the penalty for not paying your taxes on time is only 1/2 of 1% per month.

Don't Forget These Tax Deductions
Beginning January 1, 1999, the office-in-home deduction is available not only to those who meet the old guidelines but also to self-employed people who have no other location where they conduct substantial administrative or management activities for their business.
Articles by Lisa Roberts:
Boosting Your Business Through Volunteer Work
Volunteer work can jumpstart your home business. Build your portfolio, get noticed, and have some fun!

Cooking Tips for Work-at-Home Parents
Yes it's true that you have easy access to the kitchen...but you're still a working parent and don't have much time to cook! How do you make the most of your flexible schedule when it comes to mealtime?
Articles by EP Contributors:
by Debbie Williams, Professional Organizer
Manage that Paper Clutter!
Investing some time in your filing system is not only good for your business, but for your family - who gets to see more of you when you get that office clutter under control!
by Cheryl Demas, creator of WAHM
Everybody's Free
No one will pay you $3.00 to lick an envelope, never have, never will.
Now, the rest of my advice...
Money, Money, Money
Seriously, if you need more money, (who doesn't?) I figure there are two options: make more money and save more money.
by Karen Murray, the Coupon Lady
Organizational Tips for Smart Shopping
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