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Boosting Your Business Through Volunteer Work

Volunteer work can jumpstart your home business. Build your portfolio, get noticed, and have some fun!

© 1997, by Lisa M. Roberts

Volunteer work can jumpstart a home business by offering immediate focus, tangible results and the opportunity to showcase the quality and repertoire of your services to the public.

Volunteering is often a back door pass to front row seats at business attractions. With a little work at first behind the scenes, you will move further and further ahead to the front-line action. There in the front-line:

  • Your picture is taken...
  • Your name is made...
  • Your business starts growing...

Not only will your vocational skills develop, but equally important so will your interpersonal skills. The right organization will offer business contacts in a pleasant, pressure-free context, helping you develop your style and rapport as an independent contractor.

For the busy parent, however, working for non-financial gain can feel indulgent. The pull to spend whatever spare time you have with your children and spouse is so strong that it's hard to believe there'd be room at this point in your life for auxiliary activities. And your instincts are right, there's not! But what you can do is choose volunteer efforts that bring it all together:

  • Your business.
  • Your values.
  • Your family.

Many organizations are accustomed to and even dependent on the volunteer efforts of stay-at-home parents and have babysitting programs already in place. Spend a few hours at your local library and come up with a list of community services that have age-appropriate programs for your children. Then call a family meeting and decide together which organization you would all like to become involved in.

Use volunteering as a medium to adjoin your business and family life. Your children will see you in a new light and grow themselves in community awareness. As long as you keep your time and your contribution in perspective, your family will snuggle in the charitable arm of your home business.

© 1997 Lisa M. Roberts, all rights reserved. The above article is an excerpt from How to Raise A Family & A Career Under One Roof: A Parent's Guide to Home Business, a title highly recommended by La Leche League, Home Office Computing and the Family Christian Bookclub. Order your own copy today!

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