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Organizational Tips for Smart Shopping

by Karen Murray (The Coupon Lady)

1) Sit down and go through the weekly store fliers, circling everything that looks good for your family (or like a very good deal if you want to donate!)

2) Do this for EACH store you would consider going to.

3) Get out your notebook for making your grocery list, and an envelope for each store.

4) Next, compare what you circled to your coupons. Decide whether or not it's a good price, or the regular price, and determine whether or not it's a good deal...if yes, write it on your list for that particular store, if no, don't bother.

5) Put the coupon that matches the item into an envelope specifically labelled with that grocery store's name.

6) Do this for each store, paying careful attention to which items are on sale at more than one store ... you want to buy it at the store with the lowest price that week ... cross it off the list of the more expensive store.

7) Once each store has a completed list, put the list in the envelope that already has the coupons in it, and paper clip it to that store's flyer. You are ready to go shopping!

8) On your shopping trip, try not to get distracted, and BUY ONLY THE ITEMS ON YOUR LIST ... unless there is an unadvertised special that is too good a deal to pass up!!!


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