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MT Salaries

These salary figures were collected from a variety of sources. Many of these people are not new graduates, but have years of experience.

One new graduate works from home and can make the following: 16,000 lines every 2 weeks = .25 cents/line = $24,000/yr. If she does less, from 14,000 to 16,000/ 2 weeks, the rate of pay would be 6 cents/line. She can do from 200 to 230 lines/hour or 1600 to 1840 per 8-hour day.

I don't think $11.75 an hour is too low. I live in the Midwest and I've been at my job for 6 years. I started at $10.00 per hour and I now make $12.19 per hr with some pretty fabulous benefits. I know a woman who has worked at our largest teaching hospital for 12 years and she makes about $27,000 per year (which is about $1500 more than I make m.o.l.)

One agency paid $0.0065/word, taking the daily directory and dividing by 5. I averaged about $25/hour. Another branch, same work, paid directory divided by 65 and paid $. 09 per line, averaging about $27/hr., depending upon variables: typing speed, shortcut program and voices.

I have my own service and work alone. I make about $34,000.00 per year, but only work about 5-6 hours per day. I could make a lot more, but my youngest is six, so I may work full time soon.

I am supervisor of a transcription service. Entry level is $9.01/hour, after three years $9.91/hour.

There are 13 words to a 65 character line a word being defined as 5
characters. 1000 divided by 13 gives you 76.92 lines for every thousand words. Take $5.45 per thousand words divided by the number of lines 76.92 which gives you a rate per line of .0708 per line. Hope this helps. As for your other question, our employees make from $16,000 (low producer) to our top producers $72,240 per year. I have talked to other companies where the employees have to make $18,000 per year for full time or they are not employed based on volume of work and upwards of $90,000 per year for their top producers.

You need adequate training, experience, and skill to enable you to obtain a good job which pays well and to produce enough work to make it meaningful for you. Training includes working in a supervised capacity prior to attempting to work at home. You need appropriate equipment, references, environment conducive to doing professional-quality work productively. You need to use equipment designed for MTs (not secretaries), have a grip on your computer, using appropriate MT software correctly, have an adequate collection of references so the material you need is at hand, and you aren't distracted from your work by family, friends, pets, phone calls. You need adequate business management knowledge, skills and self-discipline to carry it out so you can run your business as a "business" instead of a home typing operation.

...built my business gradually over the years, added my husband to my business. We now have four subcontractors who help us. The challenge has been getting the work done in 24 hours, keeping subC's happy, not being able to take vacations together, only taking a few days off at a time. It is difficult to get accounts in a small town unless you have some sort of "in."

I went to school for medical transcription and got jobs through temporary services. I purposely went from job to job so I could broaden my skills in all specialties, then I went home to work for a hospital plus private accounts. To start working at home without having any on-site experience would be pretty tough, I would imagine. Usually, starting work at a service is good or if you could get overflow work from someone. It's hard to get started, but once you're in, there's work everywhere.

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