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To help the home business owner tackle some of the more difficult tasks of business management, the following user-friendly computer programs have been selected. There are plenty more out there; these are just a few we have personally come across.

Adams Streetwise Small Business Start-Up for Windows or Mac (Adams New Media, $39.99). A CD-ROM small business encyclopedia, including video clips of a dozen entrepreneurs telling their stories as well as the following menu choices: marketing, sales, advertising, people, money, legal, office forms and templates.

Art of Negotiating. Experience In Software, (800) 678-7008.

B-Plan Business Planner. Experience In Software, (800) 678-7008.

Big Business, Big Software for Macintosh. $399. (800) 970-0022. Oversees sales, inventory, finance and marketing.

Idea Generator Plus. Experience In Software, (800) 678-7008.

One-Write Plus. Checkwriting, Billing/lnvoicing, Receivables, Payables, Payroll, Budgeting, General Ledge. $89.95 for Windows. (800) 388-4344.

Plan-A Business Plan ($69.95) Provides a 90-page pre-written business plan you can customize. (800) 644-4892.

Success, Inc. Dynamic Pathways, 180 Newport Center Drive, Ste. 180, Newport Beach, CA 92660; (714) 720-8462.

Thoughtline. Experience In Software, (800) 678-7008.

QuickBooks Pro for Windows & Macintosh. Intuit. (800) 781-6999. Estimates, time management, invoices, write/print checks, payroll, Inventory, purchase orders, cash flow.

Quicken. Intuit

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